RHOA: Who is Lauren Williams? Meet Porsha's sister on Instagram!

RHOA: Who is Lauren Williams? Meet Porsha's sister on Instagram!

Lauren Williams is on Real Housewives of Atlanta fans’ minds, after regular appearances as Porsha’s sister. Let’s meet her on Instagram…

Porsha, who has been on RHOA since its fifth season in 2012, recently opened up about the death of her father while growing up.

She told her sister Lauren and mother Diane that they have played a “pivotal role” while going through things in her life.

So who is Lauren Williams? We had a look at her Instagram!

Who is Lauren Williams?

Lauren is the co-owner of hair product company Go Naked Hair, which she runs alongside her sister Porsha.

As Porsha, 39, once revealed her sister is 6 years younger than her, that would mean Lauren is around 33 years old.

Lauren is a mum to her daughter Baleigh, who she gave birth to in 2016. The father of her child is called Vernon.

Lauren and Porsha: Sister relationship

Mixing their personal relationship with business, it looks like Lauren and Porsha are pretty close – in all aspects of each other’s lives.

Lauren was there for Porsha when she found out that Dennis had cheated.

However, the half siblings, who share the same dad, have definitely had their fair share of issues!

When it came to their career, they had argued when the future of Porsha’s business ventures was discussed – but they quickly moved past it.

They also lived together at the time of Lauren’s daughter turning 2, before she moved out and got engaged!

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Lauren Williams on Instagram

Lauren is into spirituality, as she invites followers to meditate with her and regularly hosts workshops – such as The Intention Retreat with level 3 yoga.

She also promotes her business Real Life Snacks on Instagram, which involves selling designer face masks.

The RHOA star also shares pictures with daughter Baleigh, as well as other family pictures, but tends to keep her relationship private.



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