Since Teresa Giudice announced she was engaged to Luis Rueles after less than a year of dating, she has been all over the news. From seeing Real Housewives of New Jersey you’ll know that she has four beautiful daughters with her ex-husband, Joe Giudice, but fans want to know if her new man Luis has any children.

The couple seems the perfect fit as Luis is the father of two boys that help balance out her four girls. The couple has decided to blend their new family as they purchase an impressive new home. Keep reading to find out all about Luis’ two children as well as the new blended family.

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The Way Down | Part 2 Official Trailer | HBO Max

The Way Down | Part 2 Official Trailer | HBO Max
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Luis Rueles has two boys

Both the couple are parents, however, they don’t have any children together. Luis’ first child is David, who isn’t living with the family at the moment as he just started college last august.

The younger son is called Nicholas, who is autistic and lives at home with the family. Luis loves being with his kids and when he isn’t working he said he:

Spends a great deal of time advocating for children with special needs with a particular focus on Autism given his son’s condition.

Luis Rueles

He shares his two sons with his ex, Marissa Di’Martino, and the couple manages to co-parent the children successfully.

Teresa has four girls

Over the years we have actually seen Teresa give birth to some of her girls and she now has four daughters with her ex, including Gia, 20, Gabriella, 17, Milania, 15 and Audriana, 12.

Fans have already been speculating as to whether Teresa and her new man may have some babies of their own and who knows, but with their new $3.4 million house and its nine bedrooms, it’s not like they wouldn’t have the room.

Teresa and Luis’s new home

Teresa and Luis have just purchased a new home together to live in with their newly blended family. From what we have seen the house is nothing far from stunning, with a grand exterior and driveway – and the inside is just as impressive.

The house lies on a 6-acre plot of land and is big enough to fit the entire RHONJ cast with Gia opening up about its nine bedrooms on Watch What Happens Live.

Gia and Teresa were on the show with Andy on February 1 where Gia noted that the house has a bedroom for each of the children as well as a spare, making up nine bedrooms!

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