Dr. Pimple Popper never fails to amuse us with the most eccentric cases as it follows patients with the rarest of skin conditions. The latest episode features Robert, who seeks Dr. Sandra Lee’s help to get rid of his “bum boob”. We know you’re curious to know more and we’ve got you covered right here!

Episode 8 the latest season of the show sees Dr. Sandra deal with two more patients besides Robert. While Lattyse reaches out to the doctor to get rid of a mysterious growth above her eyebrow, Sharon enlists the dermatologist’s help to find a solution to her squirting cyst under the breast. 

What happened to Robert?

Robert is an elderly man living with his wife, Joyce, post-retirement. On Dr. Pimple Poppper, he reveals that he has a tomato-sized bump on his butt cheek, what he and Joyce refer to as “bum boob”. 

He started developing it 25 years ago and even had it drained by a doctor once. However, it continued to grow in size, thus restricting his movement.

Robert admits he can’t move comfortably as the bump hurts and he needs to make certain adjustments before placing himself on a seat. 

He and Joyce have been married for 36 years and she has always looked after him, but her own health has started to decline. Therefore, Robert decides to meet Dr. Sandra to eliminate his bum boom. 

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Patient’s health condition explored

Even though Robert’s condition is to do with the skin, Dr. Sandra had to consider her options before treating him as he reveals that he has heart issues.

Owing to his medical history, the doctor had to make sure her medications wouldn’t affect him as he’s already on blood thinners. 

However, Robert had undergone a procedure before to remove the deposit under his bump, and apparently, the doctor had collected about a pint-size worth of yellow liquid. But, nobody told him what it was or what causes the condition. 

Does Dr. Sandra Lee treat him?

Yes, Dr. Sandra manages to completely remove the bump. Before starting the procedure, she notes that Robert’s condition isn’t anything serious and that the “bum boob” is formed by fat globules under his skin. 

Therefore, she settles for liposuction with the usage of an adequate amount of numbing substance. With one procedure alone, Dr. Sandra treats the asymmetric distribution of fat under Robert’s skin.

Following the liposuction, Robert says that he’s looking forward to spending the rest of his retirement pain-free.

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