Cartel Crew: Who was Salome's sister? Here's what happened to her

Cartel Crew: Who was Salome's sister? Here's what happened to her

Salome Jackson is seen grieving following the loss of her sibling, as Cartel Crew returns for a third season. So, who was her sister?

The VH1 reality TV series gives an insight into the “Cartel life”, as the cast members try to break away from their families’ drug-trafficking pasts.

Salome, known as Betty Idol, is back on season three. During the first episode, she opens up about the loss of her younger sister.

We found out all about Salome’s sister, who she was, and what her life was like. For those who missed the first ep, here’s what happened to her.

Screenshot: Cartel Crew Returns for Season 3, VH1 Facebook

Who was Salome Jackson’s sister?

  • Giselle “Gigi” Rengifo

Salome’s sister was a 17-year-old, and would have turned 18 in June 2020.

She lived in Miami, Florida, and inspired the hashtag #JusticeForGiGi by family and friends, after she died in May 2020.

Looking at her Instagram, Gigi enjoyed listening to music, hanging out with her sister Salome, and was best friends with John Carrol, who died in 2018.

What happened to Salome’s sister?

  • Gigi was shot at an Airbnb and pronounced dead at the scene

Reports state that the shooting was deemed accidental, though a 17-year-old was charged with manslaughter.

Police said they arrived at 2721 SW 20th St in Allapattah, just after 8pm on Monday May 18, 2020.

They found the 17-year-old victim dead with a gunshot wound, as reported by Miami Herald.

However, Salome says that the death was not an accident and is working to prove it. During Cartel Crew season 3, her cast members march for justice.

Loved ones pay tribute to Gigi

Salome has recently got a tattoo as a tribute to her younger sister, which reads: “I will forever love you Giselle.”

She wrote on Instagram:

F O R E V E R 🦋 and believe ima fight for you everyday I breathe. It’s always US , The Family, 1st and Always and Ima be with you soon little princess but this time I have left on this earth ima try my hardest to make you proud of me kid. I miss you odee. 💓 LOVE YOU.

Fans of Salome and Gigi, as well as friends and family, have paid their respects, and written tributes on Instagram.

One wrote: “Live in Paradise GigiBratz.”

Another said: “Fly high GIGI.”

Salome also posted a recent post, stating that she will not fight to get justice for her younger sister Gigi. She said:

Everyday is literally a FIGHT and we won’t let up until OUR VOICES ARE HEARD! They can watch and hate but my family is my EVERYTHING! We CRY and yes this emptiness that we have in our hearts will never be filled because this man decided to take one of ours. But being quiet and scared to fight the system, the same system that we from children were taught to protect, will never happen. We want JUSTICE!



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