Scott on The Ultimatum France was given a decision to marry or wave goodbye to his partner Lindsay on the Netflix show. Looking at his Instagram, his life is full of sports cars and luxurious holidays abroad.

Lindsay wants a ring after more than five years together. They both said that it was “love at first sight” for them, while Scott thinks that once a couple gets married, no one makes an effort any longer and everything is taken for granted.

He essentially has no interest in marriage. When it comes to his luxurious life off-screen, he’s living to the nines with sports cars, relaxing swims in a pool and even jets across the sea in a fancy yacht. So, let’s meet Scott.

***Warning: Spoilers below***

Meet Scott on The Ultimatum

Scott Zadar is a 28-year-old sports coach who appears on The Ultimatum: France. He joined the show alongside his partner and nurse Lindsay, 24, who wants a ring and therefore has asked him to make a decision on their relationship.

Based in Liège, Belgium, he spends most of his days training clients, including Lindsay. He revealed on Instagram that his next holiday is set to take place in Brazil, one of several places he’s visited in his life.

Scott often motivates his followers on eating well and training, such as when he wrote: “Lunch is really really the most important meal. This is the one that will regulate your sugar for most of the day.”

Scott and Lindsay’s relationship

Scott isn’t ready for marriage, but Lindsay wants a ring. Therefore, they both tested the waters by living with a total stranger for eight weeks, which saw Scott and Sophianne cheers their drinks “to temptation.”

Looking on Twitter, it’s clear that the majority of The Ultimatum fans feel that Scott and Lindsay want different things and therefore should break up. However, his Facebook status at the time of writing reveals he’s in a relationship.

His life is full of cars and holidays

Scott’s Instagram shows he lives a lavish lifestyle. From sports cars to luxurious holidays swimming and sailing on yachts, he’s proud to share his wealth online, and often hashtags ‘#luxurylifestyle’ on his posts.

The adventure-seeker went snowboarding in Tignes – Val d’Isère in 2022, often shares his workout videos, goes for fancy dinners out and can even do a very convincing Halloween costume! However, Lindsay doesn’t follow him.

In one post which showed The Ultimatum star walking next to a sports car, Scott wrote: “If you don’t drive in your dream car, go back to work.” It’s not just materialistic things he enjoys but also holidays, like his June trip to Spain.



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