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Shark Tank phenomenon Paper Box Pilots are no longer in business in 2022

Who remembers on Shark Tank when the 13-year-old incredibly talented Noah Cahoon came looking for an investment in the business. He had the idea of turning regular gift boxes into creative toys for children and the sharks loved it.

He is now the CEO of the company Paper Box Pilots and they work on making decorative stickers that turn a simple box into an entire toy for children. He appeared on the show with his father Brian Cahoon and his little brother during season six and ended up getting an investment.

Now, audiences want to know what happened to Noah and Paper Box Pilots after Shark Tank. Reality Titbit has all the ideas, keep reading to find out.

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The Bachelorette | Season Premiere

The Bachelorette | Season Premiere
Paper Box Pilots. Picture: The Teen CEO

A re-cap of Paper Box Pilots

Noah and his father went into the programme hoping for a $35,000 investment for 25% of their company, although they didn’t receive that they did end up getting $35,000 for a 50% investment from Kevin O’Leary.

When they entered the tank Noah was already selling his products to 27 retail stores and was doing very well, however, they wanted more money for their business to take the company internationally.

What happened to Paper Box Pilots after Shark Tank?

As imagine, after appearing on the show the company tarted receiving many orders through their website. Aside from the business blowing up the father and son appeared on morning news channels meaning they received even more popularity and orders.

The company listened to Barbara’s advice and also began to sell more girly stickers so that the product could cater to all genders and this made the business blow up even more.

Paper Box Pilots is NOT in business in 2022

Unfortunately, the company is no longer in business. The website is no longer active despite its success but this is due to Noah focussing more on his education as he enters his high school years.

It’s not been said whether he will re-start the company after his studies but what we do know is that no matter what Noah decides to do, it’s clear he is an intelligent and smart boy that will be successful no matter what he does in life.



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