Singles Inferno episodes 8 and 9 on season 2 are not yet released by Netflix while fans hope that Kim Jin-young will pick Nadine Lee in the finale. A preview hasn’t yet been released but that hasn’t stopped predictions being made.

Kim and Nadine already had a private chat on the beach, until Min-su came over. He told Nadine he felt curious about her and described her as “charming” before the interruption – and viewers have been obsessed since.

Although no episode 8 and 9 preview has been released yet, Singles Inferno fans are crossing their fingers about certain couples leaving the island together, and that mainly includes Jin-young and Nadine.

Singles Inferno ep 8 and 9

Singles Inferno eps 8 and 9 come out on Netflix on January 10, 2023. Two episodes at a time have been coming out each Tuesday in batches, but the official grand finale can be accessed on the platform from 12am PST.

This is 3am Eastern Time (ET), 5pm in Korean Standard time, 8am in GMT, and 1.30pm in Indian Standard Time. For those watching in the Philippines and Singapore, Singles Inferno episodes come out at 4pm.

No preview yet but fans have hopes

Since Nadine and Jin-young got to know each other, many have been crossing their fingers that they will end up as a couple. Looking at social media, it’s clear that episodes 8 and 9 can’t come soon enough.

One fan commented on Jin-young’s latest Instagram post with: “Let’s see if Nadine and Jin-young team wins or Seul-ki and Jin-young… Disclaimer I’m rooting for Nadine 💖.”

A Twitter user wrote: “I just want Nadine to go to paradise with Jin-young, IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK??!”

“Lowkey rooting for Nadine with Jin-young cause they look so good. Both seem like quiet type but when they are together they get along so well and always laughing SO WHAT AGAIN? PARADISE is waiting for you,” penned a fan.

Nadine Lee and Jin-young are a fave

Since Nadine and Jin-young hit it off on Singles Inferno, despite him having a connection with Shin Seul-ki while Min-su has eyes for him, fans have been hoping they end up together in episodes 8 and 9.

They are the majority’s favorite, but some are still rooting for a romance between Seul-ki and Kim to blossom. Nadine alone has quickly become a winner for viewers who believe she is overlooked on the dating show.

Looking at Instagram, Nadine is not following Jin-young but he does follow her on the platform. You can follow him at @dex_xeb where he usually posts selfies and updates on his daily lifestyle.



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