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Sister Wives fans won't believe how much Kody Brown's fortune has risen

Sister Wives is back, bringing the reality of Kody Brown and his many relationships to our screens again. How much is he worth now?

The TLC series shows Kody’s time with three wives in his life – Meri, Janelle, and Robyn, who he is legally married to – and 18 combined children.

Christine used to be part of the Brown family, but decided to leave recently. Since the last season of Sister Wives, Kody’s net worth has increased…

Kody’s staggering net worth

Kody has reached a net worth of $1 million this year, after he was previously worth $800,000 just in 2020.

Report has it that the Sister Wives star isn’t as broke as some may think, and is even thought to live in a $900K mansion with wife Robyn.

He is reportedly working in the online ad sales industry. Last season showed how the family was struggling financially because their money was tied to another house. Once, they had four unsold homes!

It is possible that Kody’s net worth of $1 million is because of those properties, and as a result of his TLC salary.

They also once didn’t seem to have enough money to invest in Meri’s bed and breakfast, when Kody wanted them as equal partners.

However, this year, things changed while filming for season 16 picked up. His wife Robyn is worth $600K, while the other wives are worth $400K.

How much is Kody paid per episode?

Kody and his wives get paid 10 per cent of the budget assigned to each episode, estimated to be around $250,000 to $400,000, say reports.

This amount equates to around $25,000 to $40,000 per episode, shared between Kody, Meri, Janelle, Robyn and for some of season 16 – Christine.

The Brown family allegedly took a pay cut to keep the series on TLC, but continue to have a significant income from the network.

The TLC star’s Cameo side hustle

In August, Kody revealed he had signed up to Cameo, a video platform which allows fans to pay celebrities for personalised videos.

The TLC star charges $99 a video for personal use, and $420 for business purposes. He has five-star reviews and 187 fans on his page.

This means that if each of those fans paid the $99 fee, he would have received $18,5`13 from making personalised videos alone.

He reportedly suggested “not to marry your best friend” in a recent video, following his split from Christine. Kody said:

Best friends are great, but I wouldn’t marry my best friend. Even though, in my marriage, I can be married to my best friend and have a lot of passion in that marriage.



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