Sister Wives on TLC recently aired the final episode of its 15th season. Fans are now wondering when the next season is launching…

The series, which follows the lives of a polygamist family, where Kody Brown has four wives and 18 children, has been running since 2010.

Marking 2021’s Valentines Day – February 14th – was the show’s 15th season premiere, before the finale officially aired on our screens.

This led to fans questioning why Sister Wives hasn’t been airing, and when the potential air date for season 16 is here. We have the latest below.

Screenshot – First Look: New Season of Sister Wives!

Fans react to ‘absent’ Sister Wives episodes

Looking at Twitter, it is clear that several fans who watch Sister Wives every week were expecting an episode on April 25th.

The majority of them could not understand why they had not seen a reunion of the current TLC season.

Noticing the absent episode, one viewer wrote on Twitter: “What’s going on?? I neeeeed this show tonight. #sisterwives.”

Another said: “It’s not on. Does anyone know why?”

Is Sister Wives season 15 officially over?

  • Yes

The last episode of season 15 officially aired on April 18th. This would explain why no episodes have been airing ever since.

Fans who did not watch the Sister Wives season finale can catch up with the final two-hour episode on Discovery+.

In terms of a possible Sister Wives reunion, there has been no confirmation about this happening – but it could potentially be on the cards.

Emotions were seen running high as the family worked to decide where they would go from their current situation.

Sister Wives season 16: Possible air date

  • It is likely to be aired in February 2022 – but this is unconfirmed

Reports have already stated that season 16 may have been filmed, as Kody and Christine’s daughter, Mykelti, let slip about a show renewal.

She mentioned that the birth of her daughter, Avalon, was filmed, which did not air during season 15. So, it looks like it may be shown on season 16.

As reported by tvshowsace, Mykelti seems sure that Season 16 is in the works. When it comes to an air date, each season is ten months apart.

With season 14’s last episode airing in April 2020, and the first of season 15 premiering in February 2021, it looks like a new season is coming next year.


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