Spenny's BACK: Spencer and Vogue Matthews have their own new TV show!

It’s still pretty much a shock to most that Spencer Matthews has settled down.

But he and model Vogue Williams are still going strong.

This year looks to be a good one for the couple as they now have their very own reality TV series starting in January!

So, what is the show called? And what’s it going to be about?

Spencer and Vogue Series – 5 Star Hotel: Spencer and Joey

How Did Spencer Become Famous?

Spencer burst into the spotlight on E4’s Made in Chelsea.

Looking back at the first episodes of MIC seeing, hearing, and witnessing Spencer Matthews being his smarmy self is actually quite the shock.

Metal Shop Masters Season 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Especially considering he’s now settled down with Vogue Williams, is a father and is more suited to reality TV shows such as Celebrity MasterChef.

Spencer and Vogue series Screen Shot: Made in Chelsea, series 1, episode 1 -E4

Screen Shot: Made in Chelsea, series 1, episode 1 -E4

Screen Shot: Made in Chelsea, series 1, episode 1 -E4

Spenny spent the entire episode cracking on with another girl, before finishing episode one by cooing sweet nothings to his girl at the time, Funda Önal.

But hey, ho, that’s all in the past now.

Screen Shot: Made in Chelsea, series 1, episode 1 -E4

How Did Spencer and Vogue Meet?

Spencer and Vogue were both contestants on the TV show The Jump.

In 2017 Spencer went on to win the show and not only that – he’d also won the heart of his now wife.

The pair got married in June 2018 when Vogue was eight months pregnant on Spencer’s family’s estate in Scotland.

Spencer and Vogue managed to get married and have their first child all in the space of a year.

Spencer and Vogue’s Series

Their new three-part reality series is called Spencer, Vogue and Baby Too.

It’s said to be a funny, frank and intimate series.

The show starts Monday, January 7th at 9 pm on E4.

The show will follow the couple as they prepare for their new arrival, Theodore, Vogue’s dramatic labour, and their new lives as parents in the spotlight.

Vogue said:

Spencer has wanted to work with me on something for some time now. He’s been relentless. I thought the baby would suffice but apparently not.




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