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Street Outlaws: Does Birdman have a new girlfriend? The truth will surprise you

Birdman, aka James Finney, is a very popular cast member on Discoveries Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings and fans are always trying to keep up to date with his life on the show and off the screens too. It has recently been rumoured that he has a new girlfriend after we were introduced to his new “partner” Kim Ynfante.

Audiences are now keen to find out more about Kim since we saw her following the premiere of the new season on Discovery. Reality Titbit has all the details on Kim as well as the couple’s “relationship” below, and it’s probably not what you think.

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Bling Empire | Season 2 Official Trailer | Netflix

Bling Empire | Season 2 Official Trailer | Netflix
Birdman. Picture: Birdman CAN’T be Stopped – New 4000HP Hemi Setup!

Meet Kim Ynfante

Kim is a talented and successful actress and she is now taking her career to the reality TV screens as she appears on Street Outlaws. The actress is originally from Houston, Texas and has been featured on the show as Birdman’s “sidekick”.

Ynfante now lives in Baytown, Texas with her recent husband and two children – yes, we will get that don’t worry. Kim is very private about her personal life online and tries to keep the most of it away from social media, therefore there is not much else we can disclose to you about her personally.

Is Kim Birdman’s new girlfriend?

Despite what many people think after seeing the preview, Kim and James are not together, well they aren’t yet anyway.

Kim is married with two children to her husband of two years, Kris Jarell. There isn’t much to know about him as of yet but according to his Facebook, he frequently donates to charities such as the Cancer Society and the Disabled Athlete Foundation.

Her husband and herself live in Baytown. However, although they aren’t together, she and Birdman appear to have a close relationship with Kim and her children frequently going to the Street Outlaws races, – oh and did we mention, that they used to date!

Kim and Birdman were in a relationship in 2018

Although they aren’t together at the moment, they did have a relationship for a long time back in 2018. They are clearly still good friends, hence why they have joined forces again.

When they were a couple, Kim and her kids would often go to the races at the No Prep events to show their support and Finney always said that their presence helped motivate him even more saying that “nothing is more important to me than Kim and the kids.”

We don’t know what went wrong between the couple but in 202o Kim married her current husband. Neither of them have addressed the rumours or spoken about the breakup.



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