Swamp People: Will there be a season 13? Possible air date explored!

As season 12 of Swamp People comes to a close, it’s no surprise that fans will be eager to find out when the next series comes out.

The 30-day hunting season in Louisiana is over for the History channel, and viewers will be gutted that May 27th is the final episode of season 12.

Popularity has surrounded the alligator hunting show for several years, as they watch cast members try to catch animals in the Atchafalaya Basin.

But the question is, will there be a season 13? And if so, when can we expect it to launch on our TV screens?

Screenshot: Swamp People: Troy’s DANGEROUS Battle with FREIGHT TRAIN Gator (Season 12) | History YouTube

Will there be a Swamp People season 13?

  • Season 13 of Swamp People has not yet been renewed

At the time of writing, History has not yet announced whether there will be a 13th season of Swamp People.

However, looking at its current popularity which has spanned over 12 seasons, it’s likely that it is set to return.

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Each season usually airs for around 15 episodes – season 4 showed as many as 24 – which spreads out across several months.

Season 12 began on February 4 2021, with a final episode on May 27.

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Swamp People Season 13: Air dates explored

  • It is likely that Season 13 will air in January or February 2022

At the beginning of each year, a new Swamp People season airs. However, the official air date of Season 13 has not yet been confirmed.

The months of either January or February usually features a new season. For example, Season 11 came out on January 23, 2020.

Then, going back further, Season 10 launched on January 31, 2019, so it seems likely that Swamp People could be out early next year!

Is Troy Landry retiring?

  • It will probably be time to hang up his hooks and retire at the end of season 12, according to History

Troy now wants to begin handing down the responsibility of the business to his sons, and has had a lot on his mind recently.

As reported by History, the star – known as King of The Swamp – can’t think about retiring until he can firm up the future of the Landry family business.

Jacob Landry is now a gator boat veteran and the captain of Troy’s second boat, while new cast member Pickle is his new deck hand.

Although it has not been confirmed, it looks like Troy may be revealing a possible retirement, considering it is the last episode of season 12.



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