Tammy Slaton’s height is a question which often comes up for 1000-lb Sisters fans. Her weight journey may be the star’s main focus, but just how much does her tallness contribute to the scales?

She is one half of sibling duo Tammy and Amy Slaton, better known as the 1000-lb Sisters. They began the show in early 2020, as a combined weight of over a thousand pounds.

Since then, things have changed. Amy has had a little boy after dropping a huge amount of weight, while Tammy has left rehabilitation and paid a visit to the doctor.

Despite weight being the main focus behind the entire TLC show, how tall Tammy is falls under fan’s questions.

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1000-lb Sisters | Season 3 Trailer | TLC

1000-lb Sisters | Season 3 Trailer | TLC

How tall is Tammy Slaton?

Tammy is 5 ft 9 in height. Her sister Amy is significantly shorter than her, at 5 ft 4, so no wonder fans have noticed that the TLC star often towers over her sibling.

She is also current 35 years old, making her a year older than her co-sibling on 1000-lb Sisters.

The average healthy weight for someone of 5 ft 9 is between 128 to 162 lbs, according to Medical News Today. Tammy’s sister Amy began the show at 406 pounds, while Tammy weighed 605 pounds.

However, Amy has since gone on to lose 124 pounds!

The latest update on her weight journey

Tammy needed to lose 100 lbs, and got her weight down to 631 pounds when she was attending a rehabilitation centre – meaning a total loss of 50 lbs for the reality star.

However, her recent visit to the doctor showed she had increased in weight again. He has been encouraging her to do more steps a day and to keep a food journal.

Since Season 3 documented Tammy’s weight journey, which has involved leaving rehabilitation and having a nurse look after her at home, the entire process has been full of ups and downs.

When her nurse urges her to get up and walk, Tammy refuses to do so. Her nurse said she feels it is because she is scared, while Tammy revealed she will shut down if she keeps asking her to do it.

It comes after Tammy revealed she would only eat one burger a day after returning home, and put on weight again.

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Tammy’s latest doctor visit: Explained

The aim was for Tammy to have dropped pounds during her recent doctor’s visit, but she was up by ten pounds. When asked if she cares by Dr Eric Smith, she replied with a: “Yes.”

He had given her a food journal, but Tammy had not brought it with her. She also said she “honestly couldn’t remember to do it” and that it “wasn’t a priority” when Eric asked if she had filled it out.

Their plans for Tammy to get her steps up from 75 a day had also not been completed. She admitted she wasn’t doing the exercise at all. Eric later said in a confessional that she “isn’t showing evidence that she wants it [weight loss].”

Tammy later spoke about how she could not get signal when trying to speak to a therapist, after having an in-person meeting, to which Eric said she should have called him and told him what was happening.

They then touched on the “addictions” that she has, which Eric said is just as important as the number on the scales.



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