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Teen Mom's Kailyn and Javi have seriously backtracked their co-parenting skills

It seems like Javi Marroquin is very hopeful about his future with his ex Kailyn as the April 19 episode of Teen Mom 2 showed Javi talking about a potential reconciliation between the couple. 

They have been divorced for a while now but they have managed to co-parent together until the latest episode saw them disagree over their parenting styles, so the reconciliation doesn’t look too positive. 

Reality Titbit has all the details on the potential make-up as well as their argument during the episode where Kailyn said they “never will get back together. Check it out. 

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Cyber Hell: Exposing an Internet Horror | Official Trailer | Netflix
Javi and Kailyn. Picture: Best Of Teen Mom 2: Kailyn’s Most Memorable Moments | MTV

The pair argued over their parenting styles

During the April 19 episode, the pair had a big disagreement surrounding the way they parented their son Lincoln. Javi was incredibly upset when he found out Kailyn hadn’t taken their son’s coat to his sports game in December. 

Kailyn said she was trying to teach him to be accountable for his own actions, as she told him he needed a coat but Lincoln refused to bring one, so she left it. 

Javi didn’t agree with this and said that Kailyn should always bring him his coat. The argument then turned to their relationship and why they arent together with Kailyn saying “we would just kill each other” and that they would “never be together.”

Cheating claims ended the relationship

The couple were together for four years before getting divorced and the reasons why are plentiful, but one of the main reasons for their split is because of the cheating claims. 

Kailyn even mentioned it during a Teen Mom episode and a source exclusively told In Touch that:

They were already having trouble, now Kailyn believes Javi cheated with a woman he’s been hanging out with. It’s definitely over. It’s sad, but it looks like they could wind up in a nasty custody battle [over their three-year-old son, Lincoln.

In Touch

Kailyn also opened up herself about the break to Hustle and Heart and said: 

When he did things like demanding that I unlock my phone to prove I had nothing to hide, or calling me constantly when I was enjoying time with friends to make sure I wasn’t doing anything ‘sneaky’ behind his back, it became clearer and clearer how little my husband trusted me. 

Kailyn, Hustle and Heart

Both seem to have moved on 

Javi appeared to have moved on a while back when he began dating Kailyn’s look-alike, Cassie Bucka. However, this didn’t last too long and it seems like the latest news with Javi from watching Teen Mom is that he wants to make up with Kailyn. 

Kailyn has moved on though, although she isn’t with someone she appears very happy and working on herself. The mom now has four children and they are all boys and she seems to be busy being a momma. 

The reality star also has her own podcasts and is the founder of the KILLR podcast network and is doing very well for herself. 



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