Mike Melnick is one of the singles heading to Temptation Island this March to try and find love in paradise. We spoke directly to the contestant and got the down-low on his Temptation Island experience as well as some exclusive details on his interesting and exciting life in LA.

Mike put his heart on the line after coming out of a serious five-year relationship to try and find love in Hawaii. Although we don’t know if he found what he was looking for yet, we managed to find out a lot more about him as well as his “surreal” experience on the Island.

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Bad Boys: Los Angeles | Official Supertrailer | Zeus

Bad Boys: Los Angeles | Official Supertrailer | Zeus
Mike Melnick. Picture: Relentless Beats. Photographer: Jacob Tyler Dunn

Meet Mike Melnick

Mike is a 29-year-old marketing software salesman from California. He was born on December 2 1992 in Pasadena and was raised in downtown LA. He now lives in Marina Del Ray and having spent his entire life by the ocean, he couldn’t imagine it any other way. Mike says he finds the ocean “therapeutic” – so he must have had a whale of a time in Hawaii!

The salesman works for Socio which is a social marketing platform for multiple locations and says he loves his job due to the freedom that working online gives him.

Aside from his 9-5 in sales, Mike has many other hobbies and passions in his life, one of these being skateboarding. You can often find him down at Venice Beach skating with friends and although it may not seem like it from having a peek at his Instagram, Mike only got back into skateboarding during the pandemic after he used to be a sponsored when he was younger but had to stop due to an injury.

Another of Mike’s main passions is videography, with his main area of expertise lying with music, especially electronic music. He discovered his passion for electronic music during high school and he now spends his spare time videoing headliners at nightclubs and has even been booked to film at Ultra music festival this year.

Mike comes from an artistic family

Mike is one of two children and was raised by his loving mother and father who are just as creative as he is. The Temptation Island contestant believes he gets his artistic flair from his parents with his mom being an actress and his dad an ex film editor. Aside from this, his brother is also an up and coming hip-hop artist called Riggy Mars.

Mike went to St Francis as a child, which is an all-boys Catholic School in LA. Here he found his passion for football and went on to study at CAL Berkely under the rugby programme.

However, he had a serious sports injury and broke his back resulting in him having to stop playing his sport. They do say that every cloud has a silver lining though and this was the case for Mike as after his injury he found his passion for music and theatre.

He began to take theatre classes and soon became obsessed with the more creative side of life and here is where his love for electronic music and music in general began to grow.

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Mike is a self-proclaimed adrenaline junky

Aside from skateboarding and living a typical outdoorsy lifestyle in LA, Mike loves to push himself to his limits in one way or another, and this includes some pretty intense activities.

The adventurer often goes to the San Gabriel mountains with his friends where they go cliff jumping. Mike has said one of his earliest memories is of going hiking and cliff jumping with his friends and its something you can catch him doing over on his Instagram.

However, it doesn’t end here as the 29-year-old has also been skydiving not once, but five times and says he would love to become a bass jumper in the future – although you need to have skydived 200 times to do this, so keep going Mike you’re…almost there?

The salesman turned reality star is also an avid traveller and before he’s reached his thirties he has travelled to many amazing countries including Mexico, Jamaica, Monaco, France and Canada to name a few.

Mike said Temptation Island was like “nothing he has ever experienced”

Before I settled, I wanted to travel to the moon and back. And now I’ve done that, I want to travel to the moon and back again but with someone.

Mike Melnick, Reality Titbit

This was the answer Mike gave when we asked him why he decided to join Temptation Island. He said the experience was like “nothing he has ever experienced” and said it was so surreal that it was like something out of a movie.

Being such a free spirit, Mike couldn’t think of a better way to find love than by the ocean in Hawaii so when he was offered the opportunity he jumped at it. He described his experience as “spiritual and emotional” and said he did a lot of self-growth when he was there.

We tried to find out what his current love life status was, and although he wouldn’t let us know fully, he did say that he has “never been happier.”



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