The 7 Little Johnstons may be well-known reality TV stars, but they are being extra savvy with the money in their pocket. Forget doing chores in return for dollar, as the children have their own business.

Adopted children Anna, Emma and Alex are all raking in cash online, while Jonah is a car sales professional. And despite getting a hefty TLC salary, they haven’t stopped there when it comes to working.

Amber and Trent have left their children to their own devices – quite literally. We explored what the family is making from their online sales and what the work involves…

7 Little Johnstons: Their online business

Anna began her own online jewelry shop when she lost her job at a day center, during the Covid-19 pandemic. Following in her footsteps is sister Emma, who also started her own jewelry shop online called EmmasRingsnThings.

Emma has already made hundreds of sales, with the Instagram account for the business at 44.6K followers. She ships her pieces all over the world and mainly makes earrings, as well as rings.

Alex, on the other hand, has an origami business called AlexPaperCo. The online money-making hobby involves making toy animals, bookmarks, and phone stands.

His business has an Etsy page, where hopeful customers can receive the items all over the world.

While the young entrepreneurs have advanced to the online world, their parents Amber and Trent continue to have practical jobs, such as Trent’s new role as a car salesman.

How much do the 7 Little Johnstons make online?

Aside from their TLC salary, the 7 Little Johnstons children are earning some serious cash online. Alex has 10.7K followers on his Instagram business page, and has made 729 sales at the time of writing.

With most origami items costing $10 (£7.45), he has made approximately $7,290 in total! His sister Anna has made even more, with 4,463 sales. This means she has made around $77K just from her online business alone.

Emma has reached 1,136 sales on her Etsy page, and usually charges more for each item, at around $40. This means she could have made around $45K from her jewelry business.

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Anna Johnston’s jewelry explored

Anna’s online side business is called Fizz4Passion. As per the Instagram, she started making these jewelry pieces in 2019. Since then, the popularity of Anna’s jewelry has only grown and she appears to be making the most money compared to siblings Emma and Alex.

The reality star often shows off her new designs on her personal Instagram. As for Fizz4Passion’s Instagram, the account has over 40k followers. She uses the platform to keep her buyers updated about the new products while also letting them know when the old ones are back in stock.

Luckily for Anna, she has amazing friends and sisters who are ready to become models for her product.

Quite often, Emma Johnston is seen promoting her sister’s products. At the same time, Amber Johnston is also spotted showing off the product quite a few times.



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