The UK’s first ever bi-sexual dating show is finally here.

The Bi Life began October 25th and is hosted by none other than Big Brother 2018 winner, Courtney Act!

A load of singletons head to Barcelona to find love and learn more about themselves along the way.

The next episode (3) airs at 9 PM Thursday, November 8th.

So who’s in The Bi Life cast? Have we seen them before?
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Mariella Amodeo

Beautiful Mariella is very confident but guarded because of her past relationships.

Her first date was pretty awkward to watch as it was clear there was no spark between her and “sensible” Tom.

The Bi Life host, Shane Jenek said: “If I was on a date with Mariella, I’d sh*t myself and he’s wearing white shorts. That’s all I’m saying!”

Ryan Cleary

Ryan was the first to go on a date on The Bi Life.

It’s safe to say he’s very attractive to both girls and guys on the show and isn’t a shrinking violet.

By episode 3 Ryan had already kissed two girls!

Daisie Thilwind

Daisie opened up right from the beginning of The Bi Life when she told the group that she had been burnt in the past.

She had been in a long distance relationship for a year and a half to then find out that the guy had a wife and children behind her back.

Hopefully, Daisie will find true love on this brand new dating show!

Irene Ellis

Irene was late to the party on The Bi Life and was very upfront about not knowing her sexuality exactly.

In the most recent episode, we see Irene arrange her first date with a girl, we’ll get to see what happens on November 8th!

Leonnie Cavill

Leonnie has been single for seven years and applied to go onto The Bi Life as she believes in what it represents.

She said to E! News that she’d been ‘unlucky in love’ and wants a new adventure, experiencing more dates with girls to explore her type, and hopefully find a connection with somebody.

Michael Gunning

International swimmer Michael was very new to the world of dating when The Bi Life began.

He went on his first ever date on the show and had his first go at letting someone down gently.

In episode 3 of the show, Michael seems smitten with Sam but will it all work out for them?

Matt Brindley

Last but not least, Matt said that his biggest turn on is confidence and that he’s only had long-term relationships with women.

However, on the show, Matt had a fantastic date with Khalid before he went back to Australia.

Matt said: “That was the nicest date I’ve been on in such a long time” and felt like he had really found something special.

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