The Blended Bunch: Who is Quinn? Meet Erica Shemwell's brother!

Erica Shemwell’s brother Quinn has been on TLC fan’s minds, following his regular appearance on The Blended Bunch. Who is he?

Focusing on the Shemwells, the Tuesday night reality TV series shines a spotlight on their blended family of 11 children.

More recently, cameras introduced Erica’s family, including her parents Dave and Paige, and her brother Quinn.

So, who is Quinn? What does he do for a living and is he married? Read on to find the answers to all of your questions.

Screenshot: Quinn Kendall, Erica and Spencer Want To Adopt the Children | The Blended Bunch, TLC YouTube

Who is Quinn on The Blended Bunch?

Quinn is an uncle to Erica and Spencer Shemwell’s children.

Recently introduced to The Blended Bunch, he appeared to be sceptical when his sister and brother-in-law said they wanted to adopt.

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When they said they want to adopt Aimee and Tony’s children, Quinn said he doesn’t know if he’d want his child to have someone else’s last name.

Formerly based in Atlanta, Georgia, Quinn moved to Utah as he was concerned about whether his sister and her family would be okay.

What does Quinn Kendall do for a living?

He is a commercial and SMB account executive at UserIQ, where he has worked since November 2020.

Quinn has an undergraduate degree from the University of Utah, and later attended Ave Maria School of Law in Naples, Florida.

It looks like he is currently working in New York, although he had just moved to Utah during filming.

Is Quinn Kendall married?

  • Yes

Quinn was seen wearing a wedding ring when he was introduced to the series, but did not share who his wife is.

It is also thought that Erica’s brother is a father to one child.

This was confirmed by Quinn’s brother-in-law Chris, who responded to a fan with the following Tweet.



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