Meet the entire cast and WINNER of Channel 4's The Circle

Channel 4 social media series The Circle is set to end tonight (Monday, October 8th).

Nobody is quite sure what to expect, as the brand new series plays out its final game.

What we do know, is the names and faces of the ‘players’ who have made it to the final.

Here’s entire The Circle cast and the lucky few who made the final.

THE CIRCLE – Alice Levine and Maya Jama

WINNER: Alex (As Kate!)

Twenty-six-year-old Alex is from London and won’t be on the show looking to slide into DM’s – or at least we hope he won’t be – as he will be pretending to be his girlfriend, Kate!

The Circle: How to be the ultimate Catfish – as proven by WINNER Alex!

The Circle press release – MB Alex–(None)_A2

Love & Marriage: Huntsville Season 3 Trailer

Big Al could be considered an early favourite to win the 50k jackpot as he forged a career as a content producer on UNILad and now has over 400,000 fans across various social media channels because of his on-point comedy and memes.

He’s clearly a social media ace yet faces the difficult task of successfully coming across as a woman for three weeks. Alex will be using girlfriend Kate’s social media pics while using all the info he has found out about her over their two-year relationship.


Another Londoner, 20-year-old Sian says that she will be playing as a “plain Jane version of herself”.

The Circle press release Sian–(None)_A2

The fun-loving fashion student is a 6ft 1 blonde bombshell, but will she be able to manoeuvre her looks to her advantage on The Circle?

Sian said:

I’ll be using my own photos but dressing them down. Nothing too glam or made-up. A lot of time at home, I’ll whip my hair up in a massive pineapple, wearing a big old T-shirt, dripping Big Mac sauce down it as I stuff my face.


The former estate agent knows how to handle pressure and prides himself on natural charm and charisma.

The Circle press release – MB Freddie copy–(None)_A2

At 28 years old, he’s one of the older players on the game but believes that invaluable life experience could help in the long run.

As the ultimate salesman, subtle manipulation will be a key part of his online persona. Dan said:

People have a negative view of estate agents. The stereotype would be that I’m a liar. Pre-conceptions are difficult to shake but I pride myself on being honest and challenging that stereotype.


Essex-boy Freddie has the most ambitious game plan out of anyone in The Circle.

The Circle press release – MB Freddie copy–(None)_A2

Although openly gay, Freddie will be ‘playing straight’ in his attempts to win the game show. Freddie said:

In day-to-day life I feel as if, because I am gay, that I carry a stereotype, especially when meeting females, new females – they want either me to be their gay best friend, or they want me to go shopping with them. I’m sick and tired of shopping and being labelled with those two main things. Doing The Circle is a great opportunity for people to get to know me, for me.

The Circle: How to be the ultimate Catfish – as proven by WINNER Alex!


Newbie Harry is a 22-year-old ladies man from Tyne and Wear.

He will be playing himself on the game and hopes to make it through the final few days leading up to the grand finale on Monday, October 8th, by being sensitive and attentive.

With the original cast members constantly bickering and falling out, could Harry be the guy to smooth it all over?


Scotty is one of the newbies that entered the show in week two.

The 36-year-old is born and raised in South London, working as a black cabbie since giving up semi-professional football.


Precious Muir is a 34-year-old model from London, although she started her glamorous career in New York.

She has nearly 100,000 followers on Instagram and considers herself a social media queen.

Fronting as a 25-year-old woman, Precious’s profile will be laced with little white lies – will she even admit to being a model? Or that she used to be married?

Screen Shot: The Circle, Precious Muir, Channel4


The woman whose name no-one in The Circle was able to pronounce is playing fire having only recently entered the game.

The 57-year-old is playing a stunning 32-year-old woman, whose pictures she found online.

Can she successfully front as this recently divorced fun-loving brunette?


Usually, 31-year-old Genelle is a stay-at-home mum to her six-month-old daughter. On The Circle, however, we’re not sure who we’re going to see.

The Circle press release – MB Genelle–(None)_A2

Genelle is keeping her cards close to her chest and is by far the most mysterious contestant on the show. Genelle said:

I don’t really have a strategy. I’ll go in there and be my normal talkative self. You can never regret being yourself. However, I will hold some information back and slowly reveal myself. I won’t say straight away that I have a child, for instance.


Ryan is a new contestant on the show and a 28-year-old psychic from Ipswich.

He’s hoping to use his psychic abilities to judge other contestants with ease, separating the fake profile from the real ones.

Screen Shot: The Circle Ryan, Channel 4

Ry will be playing himself on the show, being open about his husband of two years, Darren.

Ryan said:

I’m going in to be completely genuine, not just posting the good parts but the bad parts as well. I think social media is the reason for a lot of depression and mental health, that’s a big big opinion of mine.


The other newcomer is sassy singleton Hannah, who is 27.

She will be playing herself in the game, a PA who works on Bond Street, London.

 OUT OF THE GAME: Jennifer

The oldest player in the game is 40-year-old Jennifer – although she certainly doesn’t look it!

The Circle press release – MB Jennifer–(None)_A2

She is married and works for a Google Analytic company, although her The Circle persona is going to be that of a cancer doctor.

Doctor’s sure are reliable and trustworthy… unless, of course, they are fake ones. Jennifer said:

Psychological trigger points. Medicine is a profession that’s respected and trusted. Cancer has touched almost everybody’s lives, so that will resonate. My mum’s been through breast cancer, so I know all the terminology. I just hope there’s not a real doctor in there! It’s a gamble that could backfire immediately.


Bar supervisor Mitchell is one of the single lads who could be on the social media prowl.

The Circle press release – MB Mitchell

The 22-year-old from Norfolk branded himself “the king of Tinder” before entering the show, and is likely to have a long list of chat-up lines hidden up his sleeve.

Mitchell said:

At first, I won’t treat it like a game. I’ll just be myself, chat to people, put myself out there. I’ll flirt with the girls and befriend the guys. If I realise that’s not working or making me popular, I might try and stir it up a little.


The 19-year-old from Wakefield works at a local call centre by day but calls herself  “Wakefield’s favourite shot girl” by night.

The Circle press release – MB Aiden

The youngster already has 1,500 followers on Instagram and may have an edge on older players. Aiden said:

I’m on my phone all the time. Sometimes I “do it from the Gram”. I’ll put on an outfit and think “this will look nice on Instagram or Snapchat”. 

OUT OF THE GAME: Sinead (As Christopher!)

Sinead replaced Jennifer when she was kicked off the game as the least popular contestant.

However, like Jennifer, Sinead will be playing the risky game of having a fake profile.

The 22-year-old will be playing a 65-year-old antique dealer called Christopher Arthur Stanley!

Sinead, The Circle, C4




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