The heartbreaking reason why you haven’t seen Cutie Pie on Moonshiners

The heartbreaking reason why you haven't seen Cutie Pie on Moonshiners

Cutie Pie may not have been a Moonshiner herself, but she sure made an impression on Discovery viewers when Josh Owens brought her on-screen. But the sad news is she won’t be returning to the show.

While Josh gets down to work distilling the liquor, his small dog often accompanied him. She was no stranger to the cameras, either, and would get rid of all the rodents surrounding his Moonshine.

Also tasked with guarding her owner’s truck, Cutie Pie was kept pretty busy. However we haven’t seen the fluffy, small pup for a while, which has left many animal lovers’ hearts empty.

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Who was Cutie Pie?

Cutie Pie was a small dog rescued by Moonshiners’ Josh Owens, from a local kill shelter in Polk County.

Tasked with guarding Josh’s truck and getting rid of rodents near the liquor, the duo also had lots of fun together. They were often seen joy-riding his motorcycle, while Cutie Pie wore protective glasses!

She travelled across the United States with her owner, and was there before he had his daughter.

Described as “one in a million” by Josh, the much-loved pet was popular among several Discovery viewers.

Cutie Pie lived with Josh in Columbus, North Carolina.

The heartbreaking reason we no longer see her

Sadly, Cutie Pie died on June 19th 2020, after 17 years by Josh Owens’ side.

She was 18 years old at the time of her passing, and was described as Josh’s best friend. The furry friend was bitten by a Copperhead snake a few years before her death.

From the incident onwards, fans noticed that Josh would not be with Cutie Pie on-screen as often as before.

Her journey of rest and recovery after the bite was shared on Moonshiners, which involved staying at home while Josh headed out. In 2017, she was on track to get better, and spent another three years alongside her owner.

Josh shared the news of Cutie Pie’s passing in July last year, where he said he just wanted the time she had left to be of quality. He added: “I haven’t hardly taken a step without her in the 17 years that we spent together.”

Josh and Cutie Pie’s relationship: Revisited

Cutie Pie was pretty much Josh’s business partner, but the fluffy kind. She was always there to protect him, such as barking when she heard anyone come near his truck.

Since her death, Josh has had a painting done in her memory, as well as asked fans to send him pictures and videos of Cutie Pie. Just last month, the Discovery star wrote on Instagram: “I sure am missing Cutie Pie really bad.”

With a whole 17 years together, the duo made lots of memories. Josh would often give her warm baths after they would go out in the cold weather.

Josh made sure Cutie Pie was always looking smart, as he would get her groomed and sometimes dress her up in cute outfits, such as this black get-up!



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