Dr. Pimple Popper has accumulated a huge fandom after sharing her zit-squeezing, blackhead-tackling job with the world. So, just for you, we’ve put together a series of the blackheads she faced across 2021…

Look away now if you hate pus, because Dr. Sandra Lee has been spending most of her daily work with clients who wish to get rid of their skin conditions and spots. And of course, most of them involve oozing liquids.

From small but mighty blackheads, to those that end up in people’s ears, she really has seen it all this year.

Blackhead bonanza

As in the video above, Dr. Sandra Lee uses a comedone extractor to tackle blackheads of all sizes.

She gets rid of blackheads on a client’s – who was in the military – forehead, nose and back. Perhaps one of the most satisfying blackhead videos towards the end of the year, she gets pus out from blackheads under his eye.

The doctor explains that black freckles on the side of your nose might be blackheads. As they are very common, her advice is to use a facial cleanser with salicylic acid in.

Small but mighty blackhead

Dr. Pimple Popper uploaded a YouTube short, which only appeared to show a small blackhead.

However, she managed to get in really deep when extracting the spot! It ended up being the size of a maggot.

The ear blackhead

It’s not just your face that gets blackheads, but they can also develop inside the ear.

And get ready… this one involves Dr. Sandra Lee getting out a thick amount of pus!

Firefighter blackheads galore

A firefighter tells Dr. Pimple Popper that he could not get his blackheads out.

So, she’s here to save the day, and squeezes out a huge amount of black pus from his skin!

Back blackhead paradise

This client has a load of blackheads on their back. For many Dr Pimple Popper viewers, this is 48 seconds of bliss.

Despite this, one fan wrote: “Oh no no no. I need the full version of all the blackheads. This isn’t enough.”

Satisfying nose extractions

So satisfying that it has been age-restricted on YouTube, this video shows a load of nose blackheads being extracted.

She gets right in the creases around the nose to get those little pus nuggets out! There’s a few big ones that might not look that bad on the surface, but are pretty deep.

Blackhead extractions and a surprise

This one may be up there with THE most satisfying blackhead extraction EVER.

A face full of blackheads is tackled by Dr. Sandra Lee, before she finds a huge surprise (filled with oozing pus)!

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