First Time Mum: Costs and location of The Kambo Clinic

First Time Mum: Costs and location of The Kambo Clinic

Ferne McCann: First Time Mum gives us an insight into life with her daughter Sunday, as well as relationships and a Kambo Clinic visit.

The ITVBe reality series has come back for series seven, which involves Ferne working through a spiritual experience at The Kambo Clinic.

She turns to the practice while trying to work through her former relationship with Jack Padgett, and thinks it could change her entire life.

Viewers tuning into the second ep may wonder what the costs and location of The Kambo Clinic are, so Reality Titbit done some (soul) searching.

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Screenshot: Ferne McCann: First Time Mum, Series 7, Episode 2, ITVBe

Ferne McCann visits The Kambo Clinic

Ferne goes to The Kambo Clinic on the August 31st ep of First Time Mum.

The process involves a frog in the Amazon having its secretion scraped off its back, before it gets burned onto the human skin.

She puts her left foot out to have the burns done, is asked to do some breaths in and out, and says she is “committed to this now”.

Ferne then has the frog poison placed onto her skin, near her ankle, and starts to feel sick. She is then told she is “probably going to want to purge”.

The First Time Mum star said:

This is the most incredible but really intense feeling and sensation I have ever experienced in my life. It’s like the frog is running up and down my body. I can’t even talk, I feel like I’m back in labour.

She starts to throw up and “purge”, as The Kambo Clinic worker calls it.

First Time Mum: Where is The Kambo Clinic?

  • The Kambo Clinic seen on ITVBe is based in London and Surrey.

It has two homes, with a central London location between Tower Bridge and Canary Wharf, in a private luxury apartment.

Their second location is in Wallington, Surrey. However, the company also offers home visits in London, Surrey, Sussex and Essex.

The clinic’s specific address is given to customers after booking.

For any bookings outside of these locations or abroad, the clinic can be contacted for a quote by emailing [email protected]

The Kambo Clinic: Costs

  • Costs of The Kambo Clinic services start at £100.

One person in a group ceremony of six people maximum costs £100.

However, a one person private treatment at the clinic is £200, while a private treatment in your own home for one to two people is £300.

While private treatments in your own home are available in the M25 area, including Essex, Surrey and Sussex, other location involve travel expenses.



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