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The Miss Universe archives don't bode well for Julie Chrisley's claims

Chrisley Knows Best star and glamorous queen Julie Chrisley has made claims that she won Miss South Carolina back in her younger days. So we looked through records to find out if she really won…

In search of her pageant princess era, Reality Titbit stumbled upon some shocking reports which suggested she may have never won the title in the first place.

Some fans were even led to think she could have won Miss Universe at one point. We’ve got all the latest details on whether she won, and cleared up all the confusion among fans.

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Julie claims she was Miss South Carolina

On Chrisley Knows Best, Julie claimed to have won the title of Miss South Carolina during her teenage years. She is even thought to have had a chance to run for Miss USA as well.

She has also prepped her daughter Savannah for a pageant on the show.

We do know that Julie is now a state director for the Miss Universe organization, alongside her husband Todd Chrisley, who was given the role in 2017. Some fans have even asked the star if she will be competing herself.

However, multiple reports have dismissed her claims of a successful pageant win.

Records show no evidence of Julie’s ‘win’

Although her daughter Savannah definitely won Miss Tennessee Teen USA in 2018, there are no records to show Julie won Miss South Carolina any time since the year she was born.

Reality Titbit looked through winner archives for the pageant competition, but was unable to find her name since her birth in January 1973. She is on none of the lists, for both Miss South Carolina USA and Miss South Carolina Teen USA.

Her maiden name Julie Hughes is also not on the pageant records shown on the Miss South Carolina Adult and Youth Hall of Fame Sections website, which lists all of the winners since 1952.

To add to that, a source told RadarOnline that Julie’s claims of winning Miss South Carolina are “total BS”.

The Chrisley Knows Best star’s childhood

Julie reportedly grew up in a double-wide trailer with her parents and late brother.

That was until she met Todd in the ’90s, when she decided to leave the Winchester, South Carolina home she shared with her parents, who worked as a mechanic and bank teller.

After her brother died, Julie’s father decided to pursue a new career as a Baptist minister at a local church, while her mother continued working at a bank.

She later got married to Todd while pregnant with Chase, and went on to have Savannah and Grayson.

Since then, she has landed herself a family show and lives in a home worth millions!



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