Why was The Moment of Truth cancelled? Viewers relive Lauren Cleri episode!

It’s been more than 10 years since the game show The Moment of Truth with Mark Walberg aired on telly and viewers at home wonder why it was cancelled.

The Moment of Truth was one of those hilarious and bizarre programmes which many people were obsessed to watch back in the days.

The show was based on the Colombian game of the same name where contestants had to answer a series of personal questions in order to win up to $500,000. They were all hooked up on a lie detector machine as they answered some of the most embarrassing questions in their lives.

But why was The Moment of Truth cancelled?

Mark L. Walberg on KTLA 5, YouTube

Why was The Moment of Truth cancelled?

The Moment of Truth aired from January 23rd, 2008 to August 8th, 2009.

The show consisted of three seasons and 23 episodes in total.

After that, it was cancelled to make room for Fox’s new game show Hole in the Wall. Plus at the time, it was the season finale of the dancing programme So You Think You Can Dance.

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While there wasn’t an exact reason for Moment of Truth’s cancellation, the decision might have been because of ratings or scheduling changes.

The show was produced by Lighthearted Entertainment and had spin-offs in other countries such as Spain, Brazil, Germany, France, Italy and the UK.

Viewers relive Lauren Cleri episode

It looks like people have relived an old episode with contestant Lauren Cleri as her name is trending.

Lauren appeared in episode 5 of Moment of Truth.

At the time, presenter Mark L. Walberg called the episode “so controversial” that he and producers of the show had a “long debate” about whether to air the episode or not.

Lauren admitted that she felt her former boyfriend is the man she should be married to and that she was unfaithful to her husband.

If you fancy a trip down memory lane, you can watch the episode with Lauren down below.

Where is show host Mark L. Walberg now?

Some of Mark’s other well-known roles are on Antiques Roadshow, as well as the game show Russian Roulette on GSN.

Most recently, he has hosted the reality series Temptation Island which follows couples and singletons living on an island. As the title suggests, couples are tested how strong and stable their relationships are.

If you want to keep up to date with Mark’s professional gigs and personal life, you can give him a follow on Instagram @markwalberg.


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