The Our Planet flamingo has left audiences disturbed and devastated, but more importantly, it has helped many realise that things need to change.

This brand new eight-part documentary series landed on Netflix just recently. However, it’s already proven hugely impactful on audiences.

Although predicted to be yet another nature series, it’s anything but ordinary.

One scene, in particular, has broken hearts.
still from “Our Planet” episode 1, Netflix, 2019

What’s the big deal?

David Attenborough’s latest opus has opened our eyes.

As humans, we inflict so much harm onto the planet. This shocking new series begins to explore the effects we have had, and how this affects the creatures we share the globe with.

A scene involving walruses has captured mass attention. Yet, before this, the flamingo scene rears its head to urge us to reflect our behaviour.

Our Planet: Flamingo scene

Even if you don’t watch the whole series, you have to see this scene.

It takes place at roughly sixteen minutes into episode 1, which is called “One Planet”.

So, what’s so important about it?
still from “Our Planet” episode 1, Netflix 2019

The Flamingos plight

The scene presents us with East African flamingos, residing in Tanzania’s Serengeti Desert.

It asks us to question just how much climate change threatens wildlife.

The birds usually feed on certain algae, but – due to enhanced weather conditions-  the sun has dried up all the acidic water.

Under these dangerous conditions, the flamingos are forced to move fast to survive. The terrain, their home, has now become a cruel death trap, forcing them to adapt drastically.


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