David Chang has brought out new cooking show The Next Time You Eat, but some fans are confused about where his former sidekick Peter is.

Food writer Peter Meehan was always seen with restaurateur David Chang and starred on Netflix’s Ugly Delicious with him, which they co-produced.

However, it wasn’t long before fans of the former duo noticed Peter’s absence when season two hit, and wondered what had happened.

Now that Hulu has released David’s new show, viewers may be wondering where Peter is. We can reveal the real reason behind why their fallout…

The Next Thing You Eat | Official Trailer

The Next Thing You Eat | Official Trailer

David and Peter’s friendship

Peter was a food writer, while David continues to be a restaurateur. The food industry is what initially brought the former duo together.

From 2011, Peter, David and their friend Chris Ying launched Lucky Peach, which went on to be a New York Times bestselling quarterly journal of food and writing, until May 2017.

Two years before the magazine was launched, on October 27th, 2009, Peter and David had collaborated their skills to write Momofuku.

Then, in 2018, Peter featured extensively in several episodes of the first season of Ugly Delicious to help guide David Chang’s journey.

The real reason they fell out

In March 2017, Lucky Peach announced it would cease publication after printing a double issue in the fall that year.

Peter stated that the closing of the publication was due to its partners’ differences in creative direction and financial strategy.

Reports also stated Peter and David’s specific differences led to the closure.

However, Peter still appeared with him on Ugly Delicious, which was likely filmed in the same year or so that the magazine shut down.

However season two in 2020 didn’t involve Peter, suggesting their friendship was over.

Peter was the editor of the now-defunct Lucky Peach, and head of the Times’ food section, and he stepped down from the latter with an apology.

He made a public resignation from his position in June 2020, after the news broke that he had a “toxic management style”, as per Eater.

It was reported Peter often used intimidation, sexual comments and explosive anger, claimed over 24 current and former staff members.

Of course, there could be a possibility that David and Peter may still be friends, but they have not been seen together since Meehan’s downfall.

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David spoke out about Peter’s fall

Since his resignation in mid-2020, Peter appears to have deleted all of his social media and has quite literally taken himself off the map.

And of course, when he done so, all eyes pointed to David – who claimed to have fallen out with Meehan soon after the first edition of Lucky Peach came out in 2011.

This led to some confusion around how they appeared so close on Ugly Delicious, but David did touch on the subject.

He revealed on his podcast that he could not comment further on Peter’s resignation due to having a NDA agreement with him.



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