The real reason Jazz Jennings’ grandmother is cross-eyed

The real reason Jazz Jennings' grandmother is cross-eyed

Jazz Jennings’ grandmother Jacky is back on TLC screens for a seventh season of I Am Jazz. Fans wonder why her eyes are always crossed.

The show follows Jazz and her family, as they navigate through life after her transition from a boy to a transgender woman.

Her supportive grandmother Jacky often appears on the reality show, but viewers have recently noticed that her eyes are usually crossed.

We found out the real reason behind Jazz Jennings’ grandma’s crossed eyes, and whether it is a pre-existing condition she has always had.

Why is Jazz’s grandma cross-eyed?

Rumor has it that Jacky Jennings is cross-eyed because she may have had multiple cosmetic surgeries which pull her eyes too tight.

While this is unconfirmed, it is more likely that she has a pre-existing condition which makes her eyes crossed.

Jacky herself has never spoken about why she is cross-eyed. Strabismus is a condition in which eyes do not line up with one another.

But attention to her eyes rose when she said she didn’t know “where to put her eyes” during the premiere episode of Season 7.

Botox causing a crossed eye is possible if injected too close to orbital rim, so it is possible that plastic surgery could have affected her eyes.

Has Jacky always had crossed eyes?

During Season 1 of I Am Jazz, Jacky appeared to be a little cross-eyed. However, the eye condition appears to have become more obvious now.

It is not known whether the TLC star was naturally born with crossed eyes, or if she has developed them over time.

In 2018, Grandma Jacky was captured in a photo where it looks like her eyes are not crossed, while wearing glasses.

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The I Am Jazz star’s surgery

Jacky is thought to have had a facelift, which several viewers say has been “pulled too tight at the ears”, and potentially causes her to be cross-eyed.

She has been getting plastic surgery touch-ups since she turned 50. Since, many fans have attributed her looks as resembling politician Nancy Pelosi.

Her daughter, Jazz Jennings’ mom, has consulted a plastic surgeon for a facelift in the past, which her family were supportive of.

She revealed that their family has a history of wrinkling necks.



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