The real reason The Dragula Boulet Brothers are never out of drag

Never seen without contacts, the Dragula Boulet Brothers are pretty much the Hannah Montana-duo of the real world. Here’s why.

The brothers have launched four seasons of their Shudder show, where eleven drag artists compete in an underground-style competition.

If you’re a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race, you’ll already know that it takes a lot of work to transform yourself with make-up, outfits and hair dos.

But when it comes to the brothers, who host the show, many have never understood exactly why they have never shown their real faces.

The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula | Season 4 Official Trailer | A Shudder Original

The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula | Season 4 Official Trailer | A Shudder Original

Viewers eager to see their faces

For years, Dragula fans have been hoping to catch a glimpse of the Boulet Brothers when they’re not in drag – and it hasn’t stopped.

A Reddit thread has even been created on the matter, with one fan saying: “I would gag to have a pic of the Boulet brothers out of drag.

“Both are so beautiful as women and as gender f***…. bring on the boy drag version of these two royals.”

Another wrote: “There’s a few images floating around of them doing more masculine looks without wigs or head covers. 

“I just love that one is a giant ginger and the other is a brunette of relatively short stature, but in drag they look like identical twins.”

However, several viewers have got the brothers’ backs, and have asked others to let them have their privacy.

Why they are never out of drag

The real reason why the Boulet Brothers are never out of drag could lead to many theories about why they might want to hide their identity.

However, it really is an innocent real-life Hannah Montana story. They revealed they wish to keep their personal lives exactly that – private.

This allows them to stay in the limelight when in drag, but means they can go about their normal lives when not dressed up or wearing make-up.

Speaking about the contestants on Dragula, Drac told Digital Spy:

We were hesitant to show them out of drag initially and that’s something Drag Race does a lot. I was hesitant mostly because we have our private lives and then we have drag characters, I wanted to them the opportunity to do that too if that’s what they wanted to do.

Boulet Brothers: Identity glimpses

They have code names Swan and Drac and are never seen out of drag.

However, we managed to find a picture of the Boulet Brothers out of drag – and just wearing feathers and zips – thanks to a Reddit fan.

They shared a Shutterstock image, which shows one of them with dark hair, while the other has lighter hair. Each of them have curled moustaches.

Although they are wearing one contact each, we found that one brother has dark brown eyes, while the other shut their other eye off to cameras.

The brothers both have facial hair and don’t look very alike, which prods the question of whether they are actually related at all…

One fan said: “To all of y’all saying to respect their privacy, this video is public and they knew what they were doing.

“That’s why I think they’re wearing the headwraps and contacts to not be as recognizable like if they had no accessories on.”



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