Season four of the Netflix social experiment reality show, The Circle, has just dropped its first four episodes to the streaming platform and the main thing fans can’t get over is the fact that two of the most popular superstars in the world are competing.

That’s right, The Spice Girls have entered The Circle disguised as a single persona. Emma Bunton (Baby Spice) and Mel B (Scary Spice) joined the show where the contestants build an online persona – be it real or fake – whilst bonding and backstabbing through the walls of their apartments.

Reality Titbit has all the details on why the Spice Girls have entered The Circle as well as details about their journey so far as their online persona, Jared.

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RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars | Season 7 Official Trailer | Paramount+
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Why are The Spice girls on The Circle?

The reason for the superstars being on the show is actually quite simple. They are on there because of social media, Emma previously mentioned on her Instagram that she was obsessed with the show as well as Mel also being a massive fan.

It appears the two girl band members jumped at the opportunity to be cast on the show. The executive producer of the show, Toni Ireland, had nothing but good things to say about the ladies, explaining:

They were absolutely brilliant, and we loved having them. I’m thrilled that we’ve kept it secret for so long.

Toni Ireland

They will NOT get the chance to win the cash prize

The other contestants are on the show as there is a chance of winning a cash prize but Mel B and Emma are there for a different reason.

They went onto The Circle for four days with a very special mission if they could remain undetected as a catfish, the prize money will be upped by a whopping $50,000. Toni Ireland said:

We’re always looking for ways to elevate the format, to make it bigger and better for the viewers … so we came up with this fun twist. Also, watching the dynamic of two people playing the game together is interesting because they might not always agree.

Toni Ireland

Meet the Spice Girls’ persona, Jared

The ladies will be playing a 28-year-old male called Jared who is a children’s author. They did a very good job at playing Jared but it wasn’t easy, Emma said during episode three:

We need to think of what our books are called, and how many books have we written. I feel pretty nervous about making sure we know everything about Jared. We gotta write it all down, we just gotta be clever about it.

Emma Bunton

“Jared” appears to be doing well however as he has already built strong friendships with the players and is even flirting with some of the girls.



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