The reality is that Love and Hip Hop filming may involve acting

The reality is that Love and Hip Hop filming may involve acting

Although fans love the reality of VH1 series Love and Hip Hop, it might not be as real as viewers think. Amid speculation that the show could be scripted, we have uncovered what really goes on during filming.

As with many ‘reality’ TV series, it’s common knowledge that entertainment usually comes with some staging and acting to ensure that each episode is up to its maximum viewing pleasure.

Rappers, singers and socialites in the hip hop industry are followed by cameras, as they navigate their personal and professional lives on-screen. But exactly how real are those scenes?

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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta – Super Trailer

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta – Super Trailer

Fans question if Love & Hip Hop is real

For years, Love and Hip Hop viewers – and those who watch any reality show – have been questioning exactly how authentic the ‘reality’ TV series is. And they are right to question whether stars are acting.

However, some think that as time has gone on, the VH1 show may have become more fake.

One fan said: “This is besides the point, but I’m sad I missed love and hip hop when at least some of the mess was genuine. People were watching it for so long by the time I actually tuned in it was boring or visually scripted.

Another wrote: “I started rewatching love & hip hop atl and this show is very much scripted/staged but it’s funny.”

“I used to LOVE Love & hip hop. It got so bad and scripted it was unbearable to watch”, said a Twitter user.

Is Love & Hip Hop scripted?

Yes, according to Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star Joseline Hernandez. She testified under oath that there is a “lot of acting”. During her legal drama with co-star Althea Heart, she said it was “called reality” but that it was not.

A TMZ video from 2015 saw her reveal that both she and other cast members stick to a script. However this has not been confirmed by VH1 or producers themselves.

It came to light when Althea’s lawyer wanted to know if the real Joseline emerged during the fight in question, or whether it was a pre-programmed scene.

She said:

I say that because a lot of the girls that are on the show, they act, and so there’s a lot of acting in a reality TV show, whether it’s Love and Hip Hop or another show. The reality show showcases, you know, a lot of who we are not. And I say that because, it’s just, like, you never know what happens in reality TV. They’ll showcase your music, they’ll showcase certain things, but that’s not who Joseline Hernandez is.

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Some relationships may not be genuine

Love and Hip Hop star Peter Gunz claims he agreed to exaggerate on love triangle drama in return for a VH1 paycheck.

He revealed that he was three months behind on paying rent when producers called him. Peter also admitted that the entire storyline was fake, and urged fans to use “common sense”.

Peter told Bossip:

S–t was gonna blow up anyway. I was going to get busted. Why not get paid to get busted? I’m f–ked up out here. Last time I went to the ATM, that s–t told me to get the f–k outta here. When they called me about the show, I was three months behind the rent. I just gave y’all what was really going on. I was gonna get busted anyway… Let me get paid to get busted. F–k it.

So it looks like those crazy relationship dramas may not be all they are made out to be! Despite this, VH1 has not confirmed these claims, while some scenes may be completely genuine.



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