The Our Planet seal moment is both intense and fascinating, so let’s take a look at the scene in closer detail and how to watch it.

David Attenborough’s enthralling new series landed on Netflix only recently but has already made a lasting impression.

Over Our Planet’s eight episodes, some moments have proven unforgettable.

The seal scene is certainly one of them. So, let’s dive into it!
still from “Our Planet” episode 2, Netflix 2019

What episode is it in?

The Our Planet seal moment takes place in episode 2, which is called “Frozen Worlds”.

It’s definitely worth watching the whole episode. However, if you just fancy catching this hotly discussed scene, skip to roughly 25 minutes in and enjoy.

Episode 2 focuses its lens on polar bears, walruses, penguins and, of course, seals.
still from “Our Planet” episode 2, Netflix, 2019

Our Planet: Seal scene

Our Planet seal footage has captivated audiences.

It shows a group of penguins having to navigate through a huge congregation of female elephant seals.

The way their course is photographed is so profoundly striking. Yet, it’s the fight between two enormous male seals which truly made jaws drop.

These two behemoths engaging in conflict for access to the females is staggering to watch.
still from “Our Planet” episode 2, Netflix 2019

What is the message?

The episode – as do the others – captures, up close, the behaviour of a range of Earth’s creatures.

On the whole, though, Our Planet wants us to reflect on our own impact as a species.

It starkly captures the planet’s changing environment, and the effect this is having on all living things. It’s important.


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