Fans are busy enjoying Katie Thurston’s Bachelorette season ever since it premiered on June 7.

While the reality star has an impressive list of suitors, lately Thomas Jacobs has caught the eye of many fans.

While the contestant appeared to be a likeable guy in the early episodes, the popular opinion of him has shifted drastically since the show’s fourth episode aired on June 28.


What is Thomas Jacobs’ height?

The reality star is a 28-year-old Real Estate broker from Poway, California. Several sources claim that he is he’s 6 feet 6 inches tall.

While the Bachelorette contestant might have ticked some fans off after the recent episode, from his Instagram he looks like quite a likeable-family man kinda guy.

He only over 5,000 followers at the moment and a few posts. But he has posted a lot of stuff in the highlights featuring his family. It appears that Thomas is very close to his family, especially his mother Lisa Jacobs. His father is Lee Jacobs.


He reportedly has two brothers Kyle and Brent and a sister named Kendall whom he also features on his Instagram stories often.

Thomas is close to his baby nephew and is a self-titled ‘Funcle.’ He is also a proud dad of two rescue dogs, whom he has named Leo and Sofia.

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Reality star’s career explored

His profile on Zillow suggests that Thomas has been a realtor for 6 years. The page says that his specialities lay in being a Buyer’s Agent, Listing Agent, and in RelocationConsulting.

H has 53 listings and it says that the realtor has made 3 sales in the last 12 months. He has 5-star ratings on the page. He also credits his success in business to being raised in a military household, which has taught him a lot of discipline.

Thomas is not your run-in the mill agent. In the past five years, he has earned a spot in the San Diego Association of Realtors, Circle of Excellence.


Fans react to the latest Bachelorette episode

The contestant has faced many accusations claiming that he is on the show for fame. However, in the recent episode, Katie confronted the contestant after she heard talks around the house claiming that Thomas intended to be the next Bachelor.

When confronted Thomas didn’t refuse considering a Bachelor gig as a possibility. He said, ‘When I came on this show, I was open to anything. And one of the possibilities is that I could be the next Bachelor.”

The contestant further went on, “I don’t think its equally as crazy to believe that you could go on into something like this and fall in love and meet someone who changes everything.”

However, fans were not having it.

One user on Twitter posted a meme writing, “The guys when Thomas said he went on a date a week before he left #bachelorette.”

A second user said, “Thomas realizing he’s not going to get a chance to be The Bachelor anymore #TheBachelorette#bachelorette.”

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