Moonshiners: Who is Tim Smith? Age and spirit business explored!

Tim Smith is best known for mixing up spirits on Discovery’s Moonshiners. So, let’s explore his age and alcohol business…

It is the series which involves a group of people who illegally produce distilled beverage – going by the name of moonshine.

Living with the possibility of law enforcement members catching them out, Tim is one of the cast members who has taken that risk.

So, who is Tim? What is his spirit company and how old is he? Keep reading to find out what his everyday life is like.

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Who is Tim Smith?

Tim, 54, is a third generation moonshiner, from Climax, Virginia, who went legal seven years ago.

After launching moonshine in Georgia and South Carolina in the summer of 2013, Tim added other states to his list of Climax Moonshine markets.

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He has been married to school nutritionist Shelby Smith since 1986, who he shares a son JT Smith with.

Tim, along with his son, are both volunteer firefighters. Plus, JT has followed in his father’s footsteps by launching his own whisky brand!

The Moonshiners star has managed to keep his family’s 100-year-old moonshine recipe a secret while turning it into a major national brand.

Tim Smith: Spirit business

Tim owns two businesses in the alcohol industry, including Climax Whiskey Moonshine and Tim Smith Southern Reserve American Whisky.

His moonshine is made in several different flavours, including cinnamon spice, wood-fired white oak, and of course, its original recipe.

The Discovery star also has three Southern Reserve flavours, which are bourbon, rye and its original wood-fired flavour.

He creates the spirits at Belmont Farm Distillery, in Culpeper.

The drinks can be shipped to certain states in America, and can be ordered on Tim’s official spirit website.

Meet Tim Smith on Instagram

Tim Smith has an Instagram profile, which mainly promotes his spirits.

Telling his fans they need to be 21 or above to follow the page, the Moonshiners star shares pictures of him in action, by serving the drinks.

It looks like Tim is never seen without a pair of blue dungarees on!

He’s also passionate about classic cars, and paid a visit to a 1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator car – which he claims is as smooth as Climax Moonshine!



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