Who is Erika Jayne’s son, Tommy Zizzo? RHOBH star slams troll for targeting the policeman

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne went after a troll on Twitter for calling her police officer son Tommy Zizzo a “p***y”.

The latest twitter drama between Erika and the so called “prosecutor” on the social media platform has gathered a lot of reactions, as fans are supporting the mother for defending her son.

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Meet the RHOBH fame’s only son

Until Erika came to her son’s defense, several were unaware of Tommy and seem to know very little about the reality star’s only son.

Tommy was born to Erika and her former husband Thomas Zizzo. He serves as a police officer in the New York City after graduating from the LAPD Academy. In enrolled into the department in 2016.

Reportedly, he grew passionate about a career in the police department after inspiration from movies and television.

While not much is known about his personal life, Erika had shared his picture clad in the police uniform on her Instagram handle a long time ago.

She captioned the image, “People say we look alike. No, you can’t comment.”

(The Pretty Mess/Instagram)

Why was Tommy targeted?

The Twitter feud between Erika and the unnamed user, who goes by the handle @LuckyG90210, ensued after the television star told in an RHOBY clip that she was seeking advice from Tommy amid divorce from Tom.  

The Twitter user on watching the clip went on to share, “I will cry laughing if @erikajayne p—y son has to put the cuffs on this bitch. Karma at it’s [sic] finest.”

The tweet didn’t sit well with Erika for the obvious reasons, who hit back at the troll saying, “Imagine a ‘prosecutor’ calling a police officer a p—y on Twitter… You think I don’t see you @LuckyG90210.”

The Twitter user apparently changed their profile picture and name after Erika called them out. However, the bitter exchanges between the two continued as the troll wrote in one tweet, “It would be a pleasure to help prosecute you b*tch.”

In her latest tweet Erika responded saying, “Stop hiding behind your dog you bitch. Call my son, a policeman, a pussy again and see how well you do.”

Meanwhile, the Twitter handle which targeted Erika consist of several posts attacking her personally, much before today’s drama.

Fans slam the troll for targeting the family

Erika has received immense support from her fans who have called out the anonymous Twitter user for targeting her son and family for no reason.

One tweeted, “Wow. That is some bs right there. The comment about both Erica and her son is totally uncalled for. Erica just ignore such trash comments. They are beneath you.”

Another added, “@erikajayne I will always stand by you and your son! Some people just don’t have any friends that’s why they are after you! Fuck em!!!!”

One shared, “Completely agreed. It’s clear that there was an abuse of power here. A single mother, young and beautiful working hard to give her son the best possible outcome and Tom saw easy prey. There are ways men like that make beautiful, smart women feel like zero, less than 0”

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