Where is Tracey from My 600-lb Life now? Before and after pics here!

The stars of TLC’s My 600-lb Life usually try to get approved for weight loss surgery. But where is Tracey now? Here’s her transformation…

She allowed cameras to follow her journey when she made a visit to bariatric surgeon Dr. Now, after deciding she wanted to improve her life.

Tracey is known for her unusual weight loss in comparison to other stars on My 600-lb Life, as the doctor wanted to do lymphedema surgery instead.

So, where is Tracey now? Did she continue to embark on her weight loss journey? We have the latest updates for the TLC star’s fans below.

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Who is Tracey on My 600-lb Life?

Tracey joined the show as a 44-year-old woman from Ohio.

Weighing 606 pounds, she was a grandmother who had most of her weight built up in her legs, which was a result of having lymphedema.

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She had huge swellings in her legs, which made it difficult for her to walk.

Tracey also had cellulitis, which caused her difficulty, meaning that it was even harder for her to make the journey to Houston to meet Dr. Now.

At the time, she was married to her husband Anthony, who she had tension with during her weight loss journey.

Tracey’s weight loss story

Tracey quickly lost 90 pounds soon after her visit to Dr. Now. However, she then gained back almost half of the weight she had dropped.

This left Dr. Now deciding whether to remove her from the diet program altogether, but Tracey was determined to continue.

Nine months later, the TLC star had stuck to the program and lost almost 167 pounds, making her 439 lbs on the scales.

Dr. Now then removed the excess skin from her legs, instead of giving her weight loss surgery like other patients.

He thought it would help the swelling from the lymphedema, which left her weighing 405 pounds, following a loss of 201 pounds.

Where is Tracey Crum-Matthews now?

Tracey is still suffering from lymphedema, and revealed on April 19 that she had been in the hospital for four days.

Despite this, she reportedly revealed that the surgery helped her mobility.

She wrote:

When you’ve been in the hospital for 4 days and you have no veins left in your arms…. Yes that’s me right now. Three nurses tried to find a vein because my 3rd IV blew. No one can find anything. They use the vein finder and still nothing. They call down to the ER to get the big vein finder and nothing. I don’t know how I have blood going through my body because I seriously have no veins. I have no clue where they think they’re putting this picc line tomorrow. Already trying to send me to a nursing home afterwards and I refuse to do that again. I swear I would never wish this lymphedema mess on my worse enemy. Well y’all keep me in prayer. I hate needles so this may be a long night.

Tracey is still married to her husband Anthony (Tone Pash), 51, and lives in Lorain, Ohio. She is still just as close to her grandchildren.

She also often spends time with her children Branden, Tierra and Ryan.

Wishing my husband Tone Pash a very happy born day. All Praises to The Most High for bringing you through another year….

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