Netflix is set to debut Twenty Somethings Austin on Friday, December 10 and we take a look at the cast members ahead of the show’s release, in this article.

The heart-warming trailer for the brand new series dropped on Thursday (December 9) and from the trailer, it looks like there are many things that make the show stand out amongst a sea of other dating shows.

Unlike other dating shows like Love Island and Too Hot To Handle, Twenty Somethings Austin takes us through their personal lives as they navigate love and careers, while eight strangers live in an Austin home.

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Twentysomethings: Austin | Official Trailer | Netflix

Twentysomethings: Austin | Official Trailer | Netflix

Meet the Twenty Somethings Austin cast

The Twenty Somethings Austin cast has introduced eight fresh faces to the reality dating scene. Here are the cast members and more details about them.

Raquel Daniels

At age 25, Raquel is one of the few black women working in the IT business. The Eatonville, Florida native wants to take full advantage of Austin’s booming tech scene and is also looking for some romance.

From her Instagram, we know that Raquel is of Christian faith and is also outspoken about her views on world politics.

Abbey Humphries

The 25-year-old, Houston native Abbey is ready for a major shakeup in her life. At 20 she got married to her high school sweetheart and is just coming out of her divorce. Abbey who is a part of the LGBTQ community is also exploring her bisexuality.

Bruce Stephenson

Bruce is a 23-year-old Greenville, South Caroline native who works as a home & auto insurance salesman.

The star has his own website where he talks about his passion for sports. As per his website, Bruce is passionate “about everything from sports and live theatre to beer and ice cream.” He also enjoys outdoor activities and hitting the gym with his friends.

Kamari Bonds

Kamari is a 23-year-old model from Greensboro, North Carolina. His Instagram is filled with his professional photoshoots and also reveals that he is signed to Marilyn’s Talent Agency.

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  • Natalie Gable

    26-year-old Miami, Florida native, Natalie has never had a boyfriend before. Growing up in a strict Latin household, reportedly her every move was watched by her parents, hence she did not get the chance to be on her own.

    Isha Punja

    Isha is a 24-year-old from Irvine, California. According to her Instagram, she has attended UC Berkeley, and also models for the woman-owned, multicultural clothing line Hut Mentality.

    Keauno Perez

    Keauno is a 28-year-old ‘Coordinator for Residence Education’ from Fayetteville, Arkansas.

    From the Twenty Somethings trailer, we know that Keauno is going to have his first kiss with a guy, on the show. The show will follow him around as he explores his sexuality in Austin.

    Michael Fractor

    Michael is a 23-year-old, Los Angeles, California native who moved to Austin for pursuing stand-up comedy. In the trailer, he claims to be a virgin. One thing to know about Michael is that he isn’t an avid Instagram user.



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