Netflix released a brand new chaotic dating show The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On on Wednesday, April 6 and here’s a look at the location where it was filmed!

The new reality dating show has put forth another outlandish experiment involving struggling couples. The Netflix series brings together six couples “on the verge of marriage” and puts them to the ultimate test.

Over the show’s eight weeks, each cast member will choose someone from the other couple to move in with and undergo a three-week “trial marriage.” At the end of this period, they get to choose if they wish to return to their partner and move forward with their marriage, or move on from them.

Where’s The Ultimatum’s filming location?

The Ultimatum’s first season was filmed at Austin Marriott Downtown in Austin, Texas. While the trailer does not explicitly state the shooting location, a report in Women’s Health Mag reveals the venue.

The luxurious four-star hotel is packed with amenities the cast and crew need as they embark on an eight-week-long adventure.

The hotel’s Instagram account showcases the stunning yet cosy suites that will make the couples feel at home.

Most of the show’s cast this season is also from Texas.

However, the Netflix show’s trailer does dish out that the cast will be travelling to meet each other’s families as the season unfolds.

Meet the show’s cast members

Here’s a look at the show’s six couples this season:

Alexis Maloney (25) and Hunter Parr (28): The duo have been dating for two years. Alexis is ready to get married but Hunter isn’t so sure just yet.

Madlyn Ballatori (24) and Colby Kissinger (25): The couple have been together for a year and a half and Colby is ready to pop the big question.

Shanique ‘Nikki’ Imari (24) and Randall Griffin (26): The former is issuing an ultimatum to the latter after 18 months of their relationship.

April Marie (23) and Jake Cunningham (26): Two years into dating Jake, April is ready to get hitched.

Rae Williams (24) and Zay Wilson (25): Rae is ready to settle down after two and a half years together.

Lauren Pounds (26) and Nate Ruggles (30): Nate wants to get married and is trying to convince Lauren to settle down after two and a half years of dating.

Fans react to the Netflix series

Here’s what fans think about the show so far.

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On | Official Trailer | Netflix

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