It has been classed as one of the most memorable and iconic episodes of Catfish ever and understandably so.

Ten years later and fans are still talking about Machine Gun Kelly’s catfish cameo where he joined Nev as a co-host, and they still have questions. 

MGK dropped in to help Nev solve the catfish mystery but the episode ended up having a shocking amount of twists and turns and has ended up in the Catfish Hall of fame.

Let’s remind ourselves of the iconic episode.

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“Secrets of Playboy” | Season Preview Trailer

“Secrets of Playboy” | Season Preview Trailer
Machine Gun Kelly – Catfish – source: MTV

Was MGK on Catfish and what happened?

This year marks the episodes 10th anniversary of when Machine Gun Kelly made his Catfish debut in 2012 – Season 4, Episode 18 to be specific.

He was part of the iconic episode following Hundra and Emily. In the show, Hundra had discovered she liked girls and had been talking to Emily for several months. But Hundra hadn’t met her face-to-face face and hired Nev to help. 

When Nev announced MGK would be joining him to unsolve the mystery, fans of the show went wild.

Though MGK was a big shock during the episode, his appearance isn’t the only reason the episode has gone down in history. Somehow MGK managed to join an episode that would have more twists and turns than any before. 

The episode ended with the shocking discovery that Emily and Hundra – actually Geryln and Melanie – had set up Nev and MGK with a fake storyline in order to get on the show.

MTV said MGK was “extremely upset and deeply disappointed”.

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What did MGK have to say?

MGK enjoyed being on the show but even he was nervous about the outcome. Before he knew it was a set-up, you can see his nerves and anticipation throughout the episode.

During the episode, he said, “This is gnarly. I have never done anything like this before.”

MGK had no issue speaking his mind throughout the episode and fans were living for it! After Hundra rejected Emily, the rapper went up to her in the car and candidly told her what he was thinking. 

He told Hundra she was being too harsh and even said she was looking at the situation “ignorantly”.

The episode ended with him getting very angry at the catfish and being accused by fans of “screaming” at her – it definitely made for some good entertainment though.

Machine Gun Kelly – Catfish – source: MTV

Where can I watch the episode?

If you haven’t seen it yet or you just want to watch the iconic episode again, there are a few different ways you can do so!

In terms of streaming, you can currently watch Catfish: The TV Show – Season 4 on Hulu or DIRECTV.

If you don’t have these you can also buy the episode on its own or the entire season on iTunes, Google Play Movies, Vudu and Amazon Video.



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