Love Island USA dropped a brand new episode on Sunday, July 18.

The show’s Episode 9 was released at 9 pm ET/PT.

The brand new episode featured two new entries into the cast. Wes Ogsbury, a Harvard alum and Slade Parker are now set to make their way into the hearts of the ladies in the house.

Out of the two Wes caught the attention of many fans and several women in the cast alike.

Who is Wes Ogsbury?

Wes from Love Island is an investment analyst from Denver, Colorado.

However, what makes the 24-year-old even more appealing to many is that he is a Harvard University graduate. The reality star graduated from the IVY league school in 2019.

But like it’s not good to judge a book by its cover, it’s not accurate to judge Wes from his academic background. Not only did he ace his classes at Harvard, but the Love Island hunk was also a part of Harvard’s football team. He was the captain of the Harvard football team.

Moreover, one look at his Instagram and you will know that Wes is not your run in the mill investment professional. He has an easy-going personality and many great talents like cooking and dancing.

On top of that, no one can ignore his obviously attractive looks.

With so much working in his favour, the new reality star is set to shake up things on Love Island USA’s season 3. In the upcoming episodes, we might get to see his chemistry with not just Aimee, but Cash too.

Twitter reacts to Harvard alum’s Love Island debut

The show’s viewers didn’t shy away from appreciating Wes and his personality on Love Island season 3. Many couldn’t help but swoon over the new man in the house.

A look inside the show’s season 3

Love Island season 3 debuted on July 7 and has released 9 episodes so far. The show’s cast this season is diverse.

Only a few episodes in, drama ensued on the show. So far we saw that Korey Gandy finally found a partner for him in the villa, and it is Florita Diaz.

We see that Olivia Kaiser is finally connecting with Javonny Vega.

Kyra Lizama and Will Moncada are still going strong. On the other hand, Shannon St Claire has finally forgiven Josh Goldstein. But Aimee and Jeremy don’t seem to be in a good place. Hence Slade and Wes’ entry at this point on the show will shake things up for the two.

We are also waiting to see if Cashay is that certain about Isaiah that she will ignore the new boys.

Meet The New Love Island USA Islanders. Love Island USA 2021

Meet The New Love Island USA Islanders. Love Island USA 2021

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