What happened to Agnes Hailstone on Life Below Zero? Fans confused over her absence!

Life Below Zero viewers wonder what happened to Agnes Hailstone who didn’t appear on the show’s latest episode.

The Emmy award-winning documentary programme returned for a brand new series in September this year, with Chip and his wife Agnes Hailstone at its heart.

Life Below Zero follows how Chip, Agnes and their children live and cope with the harsh conditions of the Alaskan wilderness.

But what happened to Agnes? Viewers at home are confused about why the star didn’t make an appearance in the latest episode.

Screenshot – Chip Rescues Agnes | Life Below Zero

Who is Agnes Hailstone?

Agnes Hailstone was born on June 14th, 1972, which makes her 48 years old this year.

Agnes, who is an indigenous Inupiaq, was raised in Alaska and grew up hunting and fishing in the Alaskan wilderness.

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The Life Below Zero star is a fan-favourite for many viewers and she proudly represents her ethnic group in the Alaska-based reality series.

Agnes’ husband Chip moved to Alaska when he was 19 years old and they met a few years after his relocation.

The two are parents to two older daughters, Iriqtaq and Tinmiaq, and three younger daughters —Mary, Caroline, and Qutan. Agnes also has two sons from a previous relationship.

What happened to Agnes Hailstone?

It is currently unknown what happened to Agnes and what the reason for her to miss the show’s latest episode is.

She made an appearance in the episode prior to this, so her absence from the series could be one-off.

Life Below Zero hasn’t addressed Agnes’ absence at the time of publication but she is one of the main cast members and should return for the show’s next episode.

One worried fan tweeted: “Where is Agnes Hailstone? I hope and pray everything is okay with her!!”

Is Agnes on social media?

Unfortunately, Agnes doesn’t have public social media profiles. If she was on Twitter or Instagram, it would be very easy for viewers to follow updates and news about her life.

But despite that she is not on social media, Agnes’ fans often tweet about her and praise her skills. For instance, one viewer wrote in October: “Anyone out there watch Life Below Zero? We all agree that Agnes Hailstone is a certified badass, right?”

Life Below Zero has an official Twitter account and Agnes’ husband Chip is also on the social media site under the handle @HailstoneChip.

However, his last post is from May last year and he hasn’t been active since that date.


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