What happened to Dave Blankenship on Oak Island? History Channel star's injury explained!

The Curse of Oak Island viewers wonder what happened to Dave Blankenship – did he have an injury in the past?

The hit reality series returned for its eighth series on History Channel on Tuesday, November 10th.

Rick and Marty Lagina and their team are back as they continue their quest to find the mysterious treasure of Oak Island.

But while viewers are excited to see what findings this season will bring, some are concerned about Dave Blankenship and wonder what happened to him.

Screenshot – The Curse of Oak Island: Meet Dave Blankenship | History

Who is Dave Blankeship?

Dave or David Blankenship is the son of the legendary treasure hunter Dan Blankenship and a resident of Oak Island.

Dan passed away in March 2019 and Dave vowed to continue his father’s legacy.

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Dave has lived in Oak Island for 30 years after getting a divorce.

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What happened to Dave Blankenship?

Many viewers at home have been concerned about Dave’s health and wonder whether he had an injury in the past.

In a previous episode of the series, Dave revealed that he had an industrial accident in 1986. He fell off 46 feet on a job site.

He suffered a stroke and had to learn how to walk, talk and do everything after waking from a coma. Dave was 36 years old at the time.

Dave’s bio on History Channel says that while he’s had “limited mobility” for over 30 years, the accident has “never let it slow him down”. His bio adds:

“He can take on anyone half his age and often does.”

That’s what we call a true spirit.

Dave on The Curse of Oak Island

As Dave’s name is listed in the new series of Oak Island, we expect to see many more appearances from him on the telly.

A teaser for the eighth series promises that this season will be packed with “more determination, resources and technology” in search of the coveted treasure of Oak Island.

Dave’s father Dan dedicated 50 years of his life to this quest so viewers hope to see his legacy live on the series.

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