Drew Tingley has left the current series of Hell’s Kitchen but what happened to him? Why did he have to leave the Fox cooking competition?

Gordon Ramsay’s show Hell’s Kitchen has returned for a record-breaking 19th season and as usual, the show is full of drama and competition.

The current series features a new batch of competitive contestants who are trying their best to make it to the finale and win the grand prize.

But in yesterday’s episode (Thursday, January 28th), Drew Tingley had to leave the competition at an early stage. So, what happened to Drew?

Hell’s Kitchen: Meet Drew Tingley

Drew Tingley is an award-winning professional chef and a father of three children, his Instagram profile states.

The Hell’s Kitchen star was working at Ard’s Farm in Lewisburg when he decided to sign up for the cooking competition. There was only one issue – he started working there only a month ago!

But luckily for Drew, his boss was happy to let him pursue his dreams.

“They were very gracious about it,” Drew told The Daily Item. “I’m saying, I know I’ve only been here a month, but would you care if I went out to ‘Hell’s Kitchen’? And they were like, yeah, go ahead. Follow your dreams.”

Unfortunately, Drew had to leave the competition on last night’s episode (Thursday, January 28th) but why?

What happened to Drew on Hell’s Kitchen?

  • Drew had to leave the current series of Hell’s Kitchen due to health reasons.

Speaking in an Instagram Live video with TobiasEats, Drew recalled his journey on the show, saying that he was sad to leave the competition at such an early stage.

He said “I worked so hard to get to that point. It was difficult. It was a lot to take in. Obviously, your health comes first. I didn’t feel I [got] my opportunity.”

“I felt s**t. I barely slept. At that point, I lost 22 pounds in seven days.”

Drew addressed his medical condition on Twitter, replying to one fan: “Rhabdomyolysis is a huge b***h.” Rhabdomyolysis is a syndrome due to a direct or indirect muscle injury that can lead to kidney failure.

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Fans share messages of support

A number of Hell’s Kitchen viewers have shared messages of support to Drew and hope that he can get another opportunity on the show.

One fan tweeted: “I feel bad when chefs have to leave #HellsKitchen due to medical reasons. It’s really unfortunate.”

Another one said: “Really feel bad for Drew.”

Hopefully Drew will get another shoot on Hell’s Kitchen in the near future!



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