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What happened to Jack Hoffman on Gold Rush? Jack Hoffman Gold Rush Age revealed

Jack Hoffman may no longer be on Gold Rush, but he’s looking back at memories of his time on the show on The Dirt: The Hoffman Story.

The Discovery series shows Todd Hoffman‘s father detailing events that took place while he worked as a gold miner.

Having left several years ago, regular viewers on Gold Rush – where miners are seen hunting for worthy rocks – are wondering what happened to him.

We explored why Jack left mining, his current age, and found out exactly what he’s been up to since he made his departure.

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Who is Jack Hoffman?

Jack is Todd Hoffman’s father and a member of the Hoffman Group.

The 74-year-old, born on September 15 1947, mined for gold in Alaska 25 years ago, and regularly appeared on Gold Rush.

Born and raised in Oregon, his first career was as a real estate broker, as well as previously serving in the US military.

Jack later got into gold mining, but almost lost everything at the time.

However, in 2010, with his son Todd leading the way, Jack had a second chance to achieve his dream and returned with him to Alaska.

More recently, he has been appearing on The Dirt: The Hoffman Story.

What happened to Jack Hoffman?

When Todd left the show, the Hoffmans left behind the mining business. and Jack was not able to keep searching for gold alone.

While his son left gold mining to pursue a career in singing some time ago, Jack continues to have a $5 million net worth to his name.

The Hoffman family found 6,000 ounces of gold since in 2010!

There have been rumors that Jack may have died, but this is not true. It was actually a seven-year-old boy with the same name – Jack Hoffman – who was diagnosed with paediatric brain cancer.

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Where Todd’s father is now

At the age of 74, Jack still flies airplanes, skis, and rides motorcycles and snowmobiles. He has even hand-built houses!

Having also mined for gold in Alaska, he’s a busy man – and is currently restoring an antique gas pump as a hobby.

He had been suffering with agonizing back pain for over 20 years, until he tried spinal cord stimulation implant, which gave him pain relief.

Jack continues to enjoy married life with wife Georgia, who regularly appeared on Gold Rush before.



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