What happened to Joe Exotic's leg? 'Tiger King's injury in Netflix documentary explained!

Netflix dropped new documentary series Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness last week.

The series follows Joseph Maldonado-Passage, aka Joe Exotic – well-known zookeeper and aspiring politician-to-be.

The Netflix star was arrested in 2018 for brutal animal cruelty. And in January 2020, he received a 22-year prison sentence, though the location of the jail he’s based at is unknown in the Netflix documentary.

Some viewers have noticed that Joe wears a leg brace and they’re wondering if he’d had any injuries in the past. So, let’s find out what happened to Joe’s leg.

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Joe Exotic

Why does Joe Exotic wear a leg brace?

According to some reports, Joe Exotic is wearing a leg brace because of a car accident back in 2018. The accident happened at the time when Joe was running for the position of an Oklahoma governor.

As a result of the crash, Joe had to be treated for several injuries, including head, internal and external ones.

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However, the documentary reveals the details of another accident Joe had as a teenager when he came out as gay to his parents. After coming out, the docuseries explains that Joe drove his truck off a bridge.

Therefore, we can assume that his leg injury might have happened when the ‘Tiger King’ was still young.

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Joe Exotic

Viewers confused over Joe’s leg brace

A large number of viewers are confused about Joe’s leg brace as many have said it’s visible in some episodes and not in others.

One viewer noted: “Random, It never said it in docu-series, but did anyone learn why Joe Exotic was wearing a leg brace & using walking support in certain scenes & not in others? Editing may not be sequential, but dude literally went from one scene to another with or without.”

Another one said: “Did y’all notice Joe Exotic only used his cane sometimes? And that leg apparatus he wore disappeared a lot too!!”




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