John Pringle’s absence from Bravo’s Southern Charm has not gone amiss from fans. The seventh generation Charleston native hasn’t been seen since season 7, and we can reveal what’s been happening in his life.

The fan favorite often charmed viewers for being a single father. By the time season 8 began, it was confirmed that John is no longer a part of the show’s full-time cast, and is now focusing on his own business ventures.

So, what happened to Pringle and does it look like he may return any time soon? Let’s have a peek into his Instagram and find out everything he’s been up to since the seventh season wrapped.

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What happened to Pringle on Southern Charm?

John Pringle left Southern Charm was demoted from full-time cast member to guest. He is now focusing on his music career. Three of the albums he has released so far are titled “Simple Act,” “Williamsburg Bridge,” and “Midnight Mass.”

He also announced a move to San Diego, California in August, following his appearance on season 7 of the Bravo show. As per Heavy, the single father posted on his Instagram story:

Hey San Diego! I’m coming back. Looking for a short term rental while I look for some land. Good luck, right? Any leads are welcome! My budget is 3 peanut shells, a button, and a solid foot rub.”

Pringle shared on the show that his ex-wife and his two sons were living in California and that he had returned to his native Charleston to pursue a work opportunity. He has not directly stated he is leaving Southern Charm for good.

Reality Titbit has contacted John for comment.

He is now focusing on music

When John left Southern Charm in season 7, he decided to focus on his own business ventures. With music as his ultimate passion, he also has two young boys to look after, and wanted to spend more time with them.

Although the star hasn’t dropped any new music recently, he is still invested in pursuing a long-term career in music. Looking at his Instagram page, the former TV personality often prepares his instruments for various shows and gigs.

It was March 13th when John gave his last update related to music, where he shared a video playing the piano on his Instagram with the caption: “I’m so talented.” Kate Chastain even asked why the post has not gone viral!

There have been no announcements that John will be returning as a full-time cast member any time soon.

John is a devoted father-of-two

Alongside his gig commitments, John is busy looking after his two sons. He co-parents them with his ex-wife Heidi, and had previously moved to Charleston with hopes of giving them a better life.

Sons Quinn and Asher both appeared on the show briefly. Talking about his ex, who works as a make-up artist, he told US Weekly that she’s been “great”. John added:

We’ve come a long way from the beginning. And like anybody who’s been through something like this knows… once you hit that acceptance phase, all of a sudden, things sort of even out.

John and Heidi were married before he joined the Southern Charm cast in 2020.



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