What happened to Kevin Mack on Counting Cars? Fans baffled over History star's absence!

Fans have been wondering what happened to Kevin on Counting Cars after the show’s latest episode.

Since its premiere in 2012, the History series has gained huge popularity with viewers around the world. Danny ‘The Count’ Koker and his talented crew have renovated some of the coolest American cars.

The episodes not only reveal great car transformations, but they also provide a lot of laughter and escapism thanks to their amazing cast.

However, cast member Kevin Mack was absent from Wednesday’s episode on October 14th, leaving many viewers at home confused.

So, what happened to Kevin on Counting Cars?

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Screenshot – Kevin Mack, Counting Cars: Bonus: Pimped-Out Pooches | History

Who is Kevin Mack?

Kevin is Danny’s right-hand man on Counting Cars. He has served as a manager at Danny’s shop Count’s Kustoms following Scott Jones’ departure.

Danny and Kevin have known each other for over 25 years and when Danny’s business picked up, Kevin joined him at the shop. The two make regular appearances together on the History programme.


Kevin has a son called Devin who has been racing the Legends Car from Count’s Kustoms since he was 13 years old.

Kevin is enjoying a stable fan base on Twitter where he currently has 25.9k followers. You can find him @MackDaddyLV.

He is also on Instagram under the handle @mackdaddylv.

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What happened to Kevin on Counting Cars?

Kevin’s absence from Counting Cars’ latest episode is unconfirmed.

He took to Twitter just a few hours before the episode premiered and tweeted:

“Counting Cars New Episode tonight 9/8c Only on History.” He also tagged the Twitter accounts of his co-stars on the show.

Kevin’s social media profiles show that he is still on Counting Cars and there haven’t been any reports that he has left the series.

A few weeks ago, he reassured a fan that he hasn’t quit the company. In a Twitter post, Kevin responded:

“I’m still here. Lol. Silly peeps.”

Fans react on social media

Many viewers at home have been left baffled why Kevin missed the show’s latest episode. The Counting Cars star hasn’t addressed his absence at the time of writing, but make sure to follow him on Twitter or Instagram to find more updates about his next appearance.

He regularly promotes the show on his social media handles, so hopefully, he will return in the episode next week.




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