Leonardo is one of several patients who turned to TLC doc Sandra Lee for help. In his case, he had to undergo surgery on Dr. Pimple Popper.

Dr. Sandra Lee’s job oozes – yes, literally – zits, pimples, cysts, you name it. If something comes out of it, then she is squeezing or removing it from skin.

During the current season, she has helped several people, such as Roger. And during the July 28th episode, she gets to work on Leonardo.

Viewers may be wondering what happened to Leonardo. But don’t worry for too long, as Reality Titbit can give the latest on his surgery.

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Screenshot: Leonardo, Dr. Pimple Popper, TLC Instagram

Who is Leonardo on Dr. Pimple Popper?

Leonardo visited Dr. Sandra Lee’s clinic with a head bump.

She revealed that the bump is basically just skin that has been flaking up for years and then solidified.

When he first made the visit to the clinic, Leonardo revealed to the TLC doctor that he is “terrified of doctors”.

Dr. Sandra Lee’s priority was to make Leonardo feel comfortable.

His sister made an appearance in the clinic, and gave the head lump a feel for herself, despite being apprehensive to do so.

What happened to Leonardo?

Leonardo had to undergo surgery by Dr. Sandra Lee, to remove the bump.

He was seen inhaling gas and air during the medical procedure, which is likely due to the pain or fear he experienced.

Dr. Sandra Lee described his head bump as “cute” and attributed it to a certain food, as she usually does. In this case, she called it “cream frosting”.

With the help of medical staff, she cut open the bump at the back of his head while Leonardo said he was trying not to go to sleep.

The doctor said:

I’m really glad that I was able to help him, and maybe make this a pleasurable experience for him.

Once cut off, Leonardo said that the bump looks like a “little brain”. He added that, from now on, his whole life going to change.

Leonardo’s journey: Where he is now

Following the surgery, Dr. Sandra Lee placed a bandage around the head.

She explained that this would apply pressure, meaning it would less likely fill with blood, which could possibly cause a hematoma.

Leonardo is now living with what he describes as a head “how it is supposed to be shaped”, and does not have the head lump any longer.

The patient said that he “feels fantastic” following the surgery.

He even posed for a selfie for Dr. Sandra Lee, holding the cut-off head lump, which is roughly the same size as a tennis ball!



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