A brand new eighth season of Mountain Men is on the History channel this December.

The show has held the same format since it started way back in 2012. Each season, the show’s host Eustace Conway welcomes a group of participants who he then teaches basic survival skills. And as Mountain Men is set amongst the beautiful backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, it’s as much a visual treat as it is a thrilling watch.

Along with Eustace is a whole team of experts from fur trappers to mountain lion hunters, who help him along the way!

However, one of the most beloved cast members passed away two years ago and fans still aren’t over it.

So, what happened to Preston Roberts on Mountain Men?

Screenshot: Mountain Men S3 E4 – History YouTube

Who is Preston?

Preston Roberts was a former art teacher from North Carolina. He worked in the Wilkes County school district for over 25 years while he was also pursuing his love of the outdoors.

While Preston was a teacher, he also served on the board of directors and as a wildlife educator a the Turtle Island Preserve. This is where Mountain Men was filmed.

Preston met Eustace way back in 1982 and had been friends ever since.

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What happened to Preston on Mountain Men?

After six seasons of working on the show, Preston tragically passed away. He passed at the age of 60 on July 24th, 2017.

Preston was diagnosed with an inoperable liver tumour and within three weeks of receiving the diagnosis he had died. This was a result of some unfortunate complications, notably an obstruction of blood and oxygen to the rest of his organs caused by the tumour.

Preston is survived by his wife Kathleen and their sons. Preston’s sons have also made appearances on Mountain Men in the most recent seasons.

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Mountain Men tributes to Preston

It comes as no surprise that his best bud Eustace would be one of the first to pay tribute.

In a Facebook post one day following Preston’s passing, Eustace shared the last photo he ever took of Preston and wrote: “The loss and sadness we feel is indescribable… We love you always brother!”

Eustace also addressed Preston’s passing in the seventh season of Mountain Men, leaving fans in floods of tears.

Warm Springs, the production company behind Mountain Men, also teamed up with Kathleen Roberts to set up a scholarship fund for students in Wilkes County. Find out more about the Preston Roberts Family Scholarship here.