YouTube has quite a tight-knit community and fan base, so when there’s a sniff of drama, it usually causes a rather large commotion.

And this week’s source of drama comes from the YouTube gaming community and Jared Knabenbauer, AKA ProJared.

So what happened to ProJared? Here’s everything you need to know…

Pictured: Jared Knabenbauer, 2013.

What happened to ProJared?

As Jared hasn’t released a video to his ProJared channel in four months, fans were wondering what had happened to him.

But then he released a statement in the early hours of Thursday, May 9th 2019 explaining that he and his wife Heidi were separating. This gave some context to his absence from YouTube.

But as it was revealed by Heidi that he had in fact cheated on her and that the divorce was not amicable, it quickly damaged Jared’s internet career.

It has been said that Jared has been removed from any guest appearances in Game Grumps as a consequence and that other gamers are picking sides.

Heidi O’Ferrall’s response

His soon to be ex-wife Heidi was quick to jump on ProJared’s response.

It started with her calling out Jared’s statement and revealing that he had in fact been having an affair with Holly Conrad. Both Holly and Jared have denied this statement, despite Heidi having photographic evidence to prove the extra-marital affair.

But then it spun more out of control when Heidi detailed the full extent of Jared’s double-crossing and betrayal. She details how she confronted his infidelity, repeatedly lied to and then ostracised from their friendship group.

Fan reactions

The fans of ProJared have not reacted to this news well.

Twitter and Instagram users alike have shared their disappointment in Jared and their support of Heidi.

On Instagram, it has gone as far as users repeatedly commenting the clown emoji on all of his pictures!

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