What is Arg addicted to? TOWIE star's second suspected overdose
James 'Arg' Argent

What is Arg addicted to? TOWIE star's second suspected overdose

James ‘Arg’ Argent recently hit the headlines following reports that his girlfriend Gemma Collins called an ambulance to Arg’s home over fears that he’d taken an overdose.

At the time, The Only Way is Essex star explained that he was simply suffering from an eating disorder and revealed that he’d seeked professional help.

However, Arg has reportedly been taken to the hospital a second time in just two months over another overdose fear.

So, his stints in rehab have made fans wonder whether Arg is addicted to substances. We’ve done some digging into Arg’s past medical issues to find out what’s been going on with the reality star.

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Arg’s eating disorder explained

Arg has recently revealed that he’s been fighting an eating disorder since his teenage years and said that he’s undergone therapy to reduce his binge eating.

“My biggest problem is my eating disorder,” he told OK! Magazine. “I have always struggled with it since my teens.

“When I’m in a bad place I binge eat, and when I put on weight it then triggers more issues. I have been aware of the issue for a long time, but I still struggle with it so I’m speaking to my therapist about changing my relationship with my food.”

At the time of the interview, Arg said that he’d lost two stones thanks to training and a healthy diet, but admitted that he would like to go back to weighing 15 stone as he feels his “healthiest” at this weight.

James Argent and Gemma Collins attend the National Television Awards – January 22, 2019.

Has Arg been in rehab before?

Back in 2017, Arg spent time in a rehab in Thailand to work on his physical and mental well-being.

At the time, the star was also joined by his father who flew all the way to the Asian country to support Arg during his self-improvement journey.

Arg spent around three months there during the Easter season.

How many times has Arg been in rehab?

Following the rehab in Thailand, in 2018 Arg confirmed that he’d checked himself into a rehab again.

He told Digital Spy that he was “happy” to go back into a training and eating programme that gives him “the ongoing support” he needs.

Back in 2016, Arg also spent time in the mental health clinic The Priory over alleged drug and drink abuse.

On Thursday, December 5th, it was announced that Arg had been rushed to hospital over another suspected overdose. So, although he has been proactive with gaining support, the reality star is still struggling.

What is Arg addicted to?


Understandably, Arg has only loosely referenced his issues with drink and drug abuse, and has not detailed any specific substance as a problem.

However, as he was kicked off TOWIE as a regular cast member earlier this year after a drug test revealed cocaine in his system, we can assume this is one of the substances Arg struggles with.




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